Biopac Science Lab – System Check Troubleshooting

If the Biopac Science Lab system check generates a prompt that the MP40 is clipping, click Check System and try to run the system check again. Repeat if necessary.
Audio input device error
If the system check generates an audio input device error, check to make sure the MP40 unit is properly connected to the Line In port.  Furthermore check the following:
  • From the Control Panel, select Sounds and Audio Devices. 
  • Select the Audio tab and make sure the Sound recording default device is set to Line in/Mic in. 
  • Click the Volume button in the Sound recording area. 
  • Set the Recording volume to be as low as it can possibly go without being all the way down. 
  • Leave the recording control mixer dialog open and go back to Biopac Science Lab. 
  • Try the system check again.

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