Section 508 Compliance

BIOPAC software is designed to be Section 508 Compliant. Compliance statements have been prepared following the Voluntary Product Evaluation Template (VPAT) for the following software releases:

Curent releases

Earlier releases

Please contact (include your name and institution) to request any of these compliance statements or inquire about other releases:

English release for Windows OS

    • AcqKnowledge 4.0  – click to view or download PDF
    • AcqKnowledge 3.8.0 and above
    • AcqKnowledge 3.8.0 GLP and above
    • Biopac Student Lab 3.7.0 and above
    • BSL PRO 3.7.0 and above

English release for Mac OS

    • AcqKnowledge 3.9.0 and above
    • AcqKnowledge 3.9.0 GLP and above


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