Copy and paste append markers along with data

The following procedure will allow you to paste Append markers with the data. Use the Analysis->Find Cycle function to place markers in the data at the time when the append markers occurred.
  • Go to Analysis->Find Cycle.
    • Choose Locate Cycles from events.
      • choose General->Append. Uncheck Match Pairs of events only.
    • Click on Selection tab.
      • Make sure it reads Starting event plus 0 seconds for left edge and Ending event + 0 for the Right Edge.
    • Click on Output Tab.
      • Under Events, check the output events box. Event 1 should be set as follows: Left Edge, At Edge, Waveform onset (or whatever other marker you want to use to place at the append marker locations); output channel should be set to one of the data channels. Set Event 2 to None.
    • Click Find All Cycles. New markers will be placed at the locations corresponding to the append markers and can be copied along with the data.

If you only have a few Append markers that you want to paste, the following option might prove a little easier.

  • Open up the event palette from Display->Show->Event Palette.
  • Select each Append marker.
  • From Selected Event Channel, change from Global to one of the analog channels. The append markers will now appear on that analog channel and can be copied and pasted.

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