238 – Software options for controlling the SDS100 Scent Delivery System

This application note addresses the following options for controlling the SDS100 Scent Delivery System

  • Manually control the scent palette
  • Script the scent palette control via the Vizard Lite software
  • Use the Vizard Development software for stimulus presentation
  • Use the scent palette with SuperLab, E-Prime, etc.
  • Write your own custom software to communicate with the scent palette
  • Send signals from Vizard to AcqKnowledge in order to have scent palette events synchronized with and saved with the physiological data
  • Control the scent palette based on the levels of physiological signals

Associated Files

Associated Applications

  • Stim-Response | Virtual Reality - Synchronize events from a virtual world with physiological data from an MP150 system. Use feedback loops for greater control and automationā€”change the VR world in real time.


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