292 – Interfacing with E-Prime®

AcqKnowledge and Biopac Student Lab both have mechanisms for acquiring and transmitting digital information. Psychology Software Tools, the authors of E-Prime®, refer to such signals as “digital triggers.” This application note describes hardware and software solutions for transferring these signals between E-Prime and BIOPAC systems, and details communication using a PCIe add-on adapter or a Black Box USB TTL Module.

I. Hardware Setup

  • BSL Systems using MP36, MP35,  or MP46
  • Research Systems using MP36R, MP160, MP150, STP100C
  • Computer running E-Prime®

II. Software SetupEPrime experiment generator

  • The BIOPAC side
    • Biopac Student Lab > BSL PRO
    • AcqKnowledge
  • The E-Prime SideIdentifying the Hardware
    • Sending Signals 1: WritePort
    • Sending Signals 2: Onset and Offset Data
    • Sending Signals 3: Task Events
    • Sending Signals 4: The Black Box Toolkit USB-TTL

III. Coding Multiple Event Types

IV. Talking Back to E-Prime®

V. Troubleshooting

Associated Applications

  • Psychophysiology - Record and analyze BP, ECG, HRV, EDA, EMG, EEG, EOG, RSP, etc. Interface to stimulus presentation programs...use automated analysis routines to easily score and analyze data.
  • Stim-Response | Virtual Reality - Synchronize events from a virtual world with physiological data from an MP150 system. Use feedback loops for greater control and automation—change the VR world in real time.
  • Scripting - Customize acquisitions, display, and UI, automate analysis routines, perform batch analyses, and expedite your research time to publish faster! No experience required.
  • Consumer Neuroscience & Neuroeconomics - Neuromarketing and neuroeconomics tools to study consumers' sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli and decision making tasks. Use fNIR, MRI solutions, EEG, and wireless physiology.


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