241 – Recording EMG data in an fMRI

This application note is concerned with the recording of real-time EMG during a fMRI investigation.

EMG during fMRI using BIOPAC

The following BIOPAC products were used for this measurement:

  • MP150WSW data acquisition system with AcqKnowledge
  • MECMRI-BIOP cable/filter set
    • EMG100C electromyogram amplifier module
    • LEAD108B or C electrode leads (15 cm or 30 cm)
    • EL508 Radiotranslucent electrodes
  • MECMRI-TRANS cable/filter set
    •  DA100C general-purpose transducer amplifier module
    • TSD114-MRI response/hand force transducer

Associated Files

Associated Applications

  • EMG: Electromyography - Record surface, needle, and fine wire EMG—or wireless EMG with BioNomadix. Use real-time integration tools for immediate analysis or use automated EMG analysis routines.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging with BIOPAC Equipment - Electrodes, electrode leads, transducers, and stimulus options for safe data acquisition in the MRI. Record biopotentials, temperature, respiration, EDA, dynamometry, blood pressure, etc.


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