296 – Continuous Monitoring of a Monotonic Signal for GASSYS3

Gas Concentration monitoringThis application note presents a way to monitor the convergence of gas concentration values in a GASSYS3. The response curve is simulated using an RC filter with a long time constant.

1.0 Motivation
The flow of calibration gases into the GASSYS3 chamber can be heuristically monitored where the operator can “eyeball” the signal until it appears to reach an asymptotically stable value. This note offers a technique through BBS where an algorithm determines when the asymptotically stable value is reached.

2.0 Hardware Setup
To mimic the behavior of the GASSYS3 asymptotically reaching a stable concentration level which resembles an exponential curve, an RC filter is fabricated to interface with the MP150 and UIM100C (also works with MP160 and AMI100D).

Associated Applications

  • Exercise Physiology - Examine ventilation, oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide production, biopotentials, temp., and biomechanical signals simultaneously. Record wirelessly with BioNomadix.
  • Respiration | Pulmonary Function - Perform lung volume measurements, examine pressure/volume relationships, and analyze respiratory gases. Use AcqKnowledge to integrate airflow and analyze data.


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