184 – Interfacing Millar Mikro-Tip Catheters With MP Research Systems

Signals from transducer catheters are suitable for high-fidelity pressure monitoring with high-frequency response data acquisition systems such as the MP Research System (using MP150 or MP100 unit), and are therefore suitable for online computer analysis. This application note provides interface options for several solid-state Mikro-Tip Catheters (from for Millar® Instruments, Inc.) that can be used in the analysis of pressure variances:

  • PCU-2000 via AMI100D interface module and INISOA with CBL105
  • TC-510 with Millar cable 850-3028 via DA100C General Purpose Amplifier & TCI100 Interface
  • TC-510 with Millar cable 850-3298 via DA100C General Purpose Amplifier & TCI110 Interface

Associated Files

Associated Applications

  • Cardiovascular Hemodynamics - Hardware for human and animals. Measure continuous BP, ECG, stroke volume, cardiac output, PPG, etc. For animal and tissue look at acute and chronic dose-response.


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