235 – Zygomaticus Measures with Pressure Pad vs. EMG in MRI or fMRI

This application note is concerned with the recording of Zygomaticus measures using a pressure pad transducer vs. EMG electrodes during MRI or fMRI investigations. With some MRI protocols, especially those with extensive and rapid gradient switching cycles, it has proven helpful to employ indirect methods of recording facial EMG activity to better isolate periods of activity. BIOPAC has successfully employed a pressure pad transducer to record minute changes in muscle contraction simultaneously with EMG, such as on the Zygomaticus, to obtain a measure of smiling.

Zygomaticus using BIOPAC presure pad vs. EMG electrode in MRI or fMRI

The following BIOPAC products were used for this measurement:

  • MP150WSW data acquisition system with AcqKnowledge
  • Standard setup:
    • EMG100C electromyogram amplifier module
    • LEAD110S shielded leads (x2) and LEAD110 lead
    • EL254S 4 mm Ag-AgCl recording electrodes
    • Optional MEC110C module extension cable (C-series amplifier to Touchproof)
  • MRI Setup:
    • DA100C general-purpose transducer amplifier
    • TSD110-MRI pressure pad transducer—consists of TSD160A differential pressure transducer, RX110 sensor, and AFT30-XL tubing.

Associated Files

Associated Applications

  • EMG: Electromyography - Record surface, needle, and fine wire EMG—or wireless EMG with BioNomadix. Use real-time integration tools for immediate analysis or use automated EMG analysis routines.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging with BIOPAC Equipment - Electrodes, electrode leads, transducers, and stimulus options for safe data acquisition in the MRI. Record biopotentials, temperature, respiration, EDA, dynamometry, blood pressure, etc.


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