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Resting Heart Rates

Animal Resting Heart Rates

Species BPM
Cat 120-140
Chick 350-450
Chicken 250-300
Dairy Cow 48-84
Dog 70-120
Elephant 25-35
Goat 70-80
Guinea Pig 200-300
Hamster 300-600
Horse 28-40
Mouse 450-750
Ox 36-60
Pig 70-120
Rabbit 180-350
Rat 250-400
Rhesus monkey (anesthetized) 160-330
Sheep 70-80


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Noninvasive Blood Pressure Amp with Hemodynamics

Continuous…Easy to use…Reproducible & Validated The NIBP100D-HD noninvasive blood pressure system provides a continuous, beat-to-beat, blood pressure signal recorded from the fingers of a subject. Simple and noninvasive—finger sensor provides accurate & immediate feedback: arterial BP, cardiac output, fluid and hemodynamic status. Measure noninvasive BP parameters (BP, sBP, dBP, mBP, and PR) plus hemodynamic parameters (PPV, […]

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Neuromarketing Interview | How VR Can Improve Marketing Research

Alex Dimov, BIOPAC Sales Executive, was interviewed at the Neuromarketing World Forum by Inside Marketing to discuss how virtual reality can improve marketing research. Alex explains how VR can be used to present virtual iterations of a product to save time and money, and notes that measuring physiological responses adds lots of information for product and messaging […]

BIOPAC Launches New “Smart Amplifiers”

February 14, 2019 BIOPAC Systems, Inc. Goleta, CA USA New “Smart Amplifiers” make it easier than ever for life science researchers to get great data Fast Setup & High Performance Smart Amplifiers improve performance by amplifying the physiological signal close to the subject, which allows a high-level voltage connection to the data acquisition system and reduces noise artifact. […]

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