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AC100A power supply – use AC300A

Accelerometers 5 G: SS26LA now SS26LB, TSD109C now TSD109C2, SS26B for TEL100 – discontinued; see BioNomadix Wireless options

Accelerometers 50 G: SS27L and TSD109F discontinued – see 200 G Accelerometer SS34L or TSD109J

ACKANSM pre-loaded Mac-Mini – AcqKnowledge 4 features are equivalent

AFT6 Calibration Syringe (15 mm ID, 22 mm OD) was updated to AFT6A with ridged tip (15 mm ID, 27 mm or 30 mm OD). Shipped July 2008

AFT11I Coupler for AFT26 and SS11LA –to connect an existing AFT26 syringe to the SS11LA, use the following connections: AFT26 + AFT11D + AFT11E + AFT11B + SS11LA

AFT26 2.0 Liter Syringe – for current offering, see AFT27 3.0 Liter Syringe

AFT13 Filter/Mouthpiece – for SS11L/LA, use AFT1 filter + AFT2 mouthpiece; for SS11LB, use AFT36

B-ALERT-ESU Electronic Sync Unit – timing functions for the new LE devices were replaced by synching capabilities of the new B-Alert Live software release

Biopac Science Lab (K-12): Systems; Setup Guide; MP40 Hardware Guide; Audio Adapter Guide, Lesson Summaries; Quick Guide

BN-GYRO-75 and BN-GYRO-300 – Gyroscopes discontinued

BSLCBL10 Current/Voltage Drive and Monitor Cable

BSL-TCI10 Gould interface

EL506 Strip Electrodes

EL507 EDA Electrodes replaced by dry electrodes EL507A or EL509—both require GEL101A or equivalent

EPOCH-T1 and EPOCH-T3 – use EPOCH-T2 and EPOCH-T6

EPM100P obsolete – use EPM100: E-Prime 3.o and above now includes features previously separated as E-Prime “Pro”

EYE-TRACK-BAR-XL Remote Screen-Based Eye Tracking for large monitors – for current offering, see EYE-TRACK-BAR


fNIR103P Pediatric System discontinued – for current offerings, see fNIR Product Sheet.

fNIR-PHANTOM mimicked optical properties of brain tissue to test sensor performance; discontinued by the manufacturer in 2023.

GASSYS2 Gas Analysis Systems GASSYS2-EA (5 L) and GASSYS2-EB (I L) are discontinued – for current offering, see GASSYS3.

GATE-CARDRESP-B and GATE-CARDRESP-BL – discontinued (MPMS100A-1/-2 obsolete)

GEL101 discontinued and replaced with GEL101A.

GPSTRACK discontinued, replaced with GPSTRACK-A

GSR100C Galvanic Skin Response Amplifier now EDA100C Electrodermal Activity Amplifier (functionally equiv.)

HLT100C High-Level Transducer Module – replaced by AMI100D for MP160 System

HLT100C-MP150 High-Level Transducer Module for MP150 – users are recommended to upgrade to MP160 System

HMD2 and HMD2A nVisor Head-mounted Displays SV50 and ST50

INISO and OUTISO – replaced by updated INISOA and OUTISOA

IPS100C isolated power supply – replaced by IPS100D; 3.5 mm interfaces may be used with the IPS100D with the CBL122 adapter

ITBS100 Integrated Tissue Bath & Heater – use modular TISSUEBATH (-1, -2, -4, or -8) and heating water CIRCULATOR

LEAD108, LEAD108A RT leads – use LEAD108 Series item LEAD108B or LEAD108C

LEAD130 Shielded Lead Assembly – recommended replacement is to use an 8 spot-electrode (EL500) ICG setup using an MEC110C, 8x LEAD110, and 4x CBL204

LEAD141 Alligator clip with smooth (flat) clamp

MECMRI-OXY MRI Cable/Filter Set for OXY100C – available by request for existing OXY100C

MAXACQ-M software interface for Mac OS X 10.5-10.6 for MP150 or MP36R to collect data into Max/MSP/Jitter via Network Data Transfer protocol – see AcqKnowledege NDT license for development/interface option

MICRO PRESSURE MEASUREMENT Module MPMS100A-1 or MPMS100A-2 and sensors TSD173A, TSD173B, TSD174A, TSD174B, TSD175A, TSD175B – see MPMS200 and TSD280 series


MP30 4-Channel Data Acquisition Unit for Biopac Student Lab –  discontinued 2005 – now shipping as MP36

MP35 4-Channel Data Acquisition Unit Biopac Student Lab – discontinued Q3 2008 – now shipping as MP36

MP45 2-Channel Data Acquisition Unit Biopac Student Lab – discontinued Q1  2021 – now shipping as MP46

NIBP-A-MRI Noninvasive Blood Pressure Measurement in the MRI – Replaced by NIBP-B-MRI

NIBP100A “Vasotrac” Noninvasive BP System – use NIBP100D

NIBP100B “Fusion” noninvasive blood pressure system – use NIBP100D

OUT101 Tube Phone – replaced by the OUT101A

OXY100C Pulse Oximeter – see OXY100E or OXY-MRI

OXY100E-200-EXT Pulse Oximeter extension cable – discontinued 10/15/2021 – replaced by CBLOXY-EXT

RXB B-Alert disposables discontinued by manufacturer: sensor only RXB-ALERT-S and -M; study kits RXB-ALERTKIT-XS, RXB-ALERT-KIT-S, and RXB-ALERT-KIT-M

RX137B, RX137C, RX137D, RX137E, RX137F, RX137G, and RX137H airflow heads – use heated airflow heads RX137B1, RX137C1, RX137D1, RX137E1, RX137F1, RX137G1, and RX137H1. Heated heads included in corresponding TSD137 series and SS series airflow transducers.

RXCHEST-XS and RXCHEST-S SmartFabric straps for BioHarness ISM devices – sizes not available

RXFNIRA fNIRS sensor (16 |10 | 4 | 25 mm) and RXFNIR-PED pediatric sensor discontinued – see current fNIRS sensors

RXFNIRS-2000-18 18-optode (2 near) full-head forehead pad – replaced by RXFNIRS-2000-18S (shielded)

RXfNIR-2000-18TH Through Hair Sensor

RX-GASA & RX-GASB chamber casing with rod assemblies (5-liter & 1.7-liter) – used for discontinued GASSYS2-EA & GASSYS2-EB

RXNIBPA replacement sensor for NIBP100A.

RXPROBE02 dissolved 02 probe (polargraphic) – replaced by RXPROBE-02A probe (fluorescence, calibrated output)

SDS100 scent delivery system – replaced by the SDS200-SYS.

SDSAIR SDSAIRA-1 and SDSAIRB-1 mini air compressors for use with older scent delivery systems

SHOULDERSTRAP – not available (but equivalent is included in new BioHarness and TEAM systems)

SS2L and SS2LA lead sets – use SS2LB

SS9L unisolated male BNC input adapter attenuated for MP30 – updated to SS9LA

SS25L hand dynamometer – use SS25LB or SS25LA (compatibility based on BIOPAC System software version)

SS30L Electronic Stethoscope Transducer

SS31L Noninvasive Cardiac Output Transducer – replaced by SS31LA

SS69L dissolved O2 transducer – replaced by SS69LA with calibrated output and temperature and pressure sensors

SS70L Isolated BNC Input Adapter for MP36/MP35 – updated to SS70LA

SS71L Isolated BNC Input Adapter for MP30

STMISOL constant current constant voltage linear isolated stimulator – updated to STMISOLA

STP100C isolated digital interface – replaced by STP100D

STP30W isolated digital interface for MP30 – for current offering see SuperLab for MP3x (STP35W)

STP35A parallel port interface – replaced by STP35B (manufacturing change, same functionality)

TCI110 Gould (12-pin) interface

TCI111 Strain Gauge interface with 2 mm pin connectors – updated to TCI111A with Touchproof connectors

TCIPPG1 PPG100C amplifier to Geer Photo-electric (IR) plethysmogram transducer – 7 pin

TCIPPG2 VPG interface


TEAMSYSTEM-4 and TEAMSYSTEM-4A not available … expand TEAMSYSTEM-1A with TEAM-ECHO devices, or choose TEAMSYSTEM-10, -30, -50

TEL100C-RF wireless remote monitoring – see BioNomadix wireless transmitter-receiver amplifiers

TSD108ATSD108 and SS17L Contact Microphones/Acoustical Transducers – see SS17LA.

TSD117 and TSD117A pneumotach transducers – replaced by TSD117B.

TSD123 Series SpO2 Transducers for OXY100C – current offering TSD124 for OXY100E

TSD124A SpO2 Finger Clip Transducer for OXY100E – replaced by TSD124D

TSD137A and RX137A Airflow Transducer/Head – see other available TSD137 series airflow transducers/heads for replacement options.

TSD204 VPG Transducer – replacement in process, contact BIOPAC if interested

TSD250/TSD251 VMG Transducers – replaced with TSD250A

TSDVPG VPG interface


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