Dissolved O2 Probe, BTA connect
Part #: RXPROBE-02A

Dissolved O2 Probe, BTA connect

RXPROBE-02A measures dissolved oxygen levels. This easy-to-use dissolved O2 probe relies on fluorescence and has temperature and pressure sensors, allowing it to provide calibrated output with no need for two-point calibration. The cable box contains an SD card which holds calibration information and a switch allowing transducer output to be proportional either to % oxygen saturation or absolute concentration (mg/L). No warm up time, no stirring, and no need for sodium sulfite solution. Use with BSL PRO Lesson #A07 Fish Respiration and Q10.

Probe options:

  • Order RXPROBE-02A (this product) for probe only
  • Order SS69LA Dissolved O2 Probe Transducer for probe with interface to MP3X, MP46, or MP45 Data Acquisition Unit
  • Order BSL-TCI16 Interface to use an existing dissolved oxygen probe

See DOC-RXPROBE-02A for Setup, optional Calibration, Acquiring Data, Probe Care, Principle of Operation, and Probe Specifications.

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