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Medium Flow Trans 300 L/min

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Medium Flow Trans 300 L/min
Part #: TSD117B

The TSD117B can be used to perform a variety of tests relating to air flow, lung volume, and expired gas analysis. The TSD117B interfaces with the DA100C general-purpose transducer amplifier. The tiered flow head allows for direct connection to multiple standard pulmonary ID/OD hoses and components without the need for couplers. The flow head is removable, for easy cleaning and sterilization or replacement (RX117A).

The TSD117B is intended for human use and can also be used to test ventilator circuits.

TSD117B replaces TSD117 and TSD117A pneumotach transducers.

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Part #: TSD117B
Categories: Transducers - Research
Subcategories: Airflow - Research

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Calibration, noise and accuracy data: download TSD117B to TSI4000 flow standard (xls and txt)

Airflow Accessories for the TSD117B

  • For air flow and lung volume measurements, use bacterial filter with integrated mouthpiece AFT36.
  • For measurements of expired gases, use non-rebreathing T valve AFT22 with facemask AFT10 and mixing chamber AFT15A or AFT15B.

Recommended sterilization: cold sterilization (i.e., Cidex) or autoclave. The detachable flow head (RX117A) is dishwasher safe.

For Use with Ventilators

TSD117B is included in Ventilator Validation System VVK100-SYS or can be used apart.

If used apart and precise flow/volume estimates are needed, then the configuration filters with couplers should be used (AFT1-AFT11B-TSD117-AFT11B-AFT1) in addition to correcting polynomials for negative and positive flow. For further accuracy, a syringe calibration is recommended to determine appropriate overall multiplicative factors for specific devices; AFT27 3-liter calibration syringe can be used.

precision airflow

When the TSD117B is used for volume calculations, the BIOPAC provided polynomial corrections are applied to this connection configuration.

The AFT11B couplers are oriented so that the larger ID portion is inserted into the inlet and outlet ports of the TSD117B.

Correction polynomials are created for positive going flow and negative going flow. Accordingly, inlet/outlet orientation of the TSD117B is important to note. The correction polynomials  for TSD117B are as follows:

TSD117B correction curves for small tube interface turbulence.

Positive Flow


Negative Flow

485.591*C1.0^5 + 431.054*C1.0^4 + 110.998*C1.0^3 + 11.5803*C1.0^2 + 18.5883*C1.0

Assumptions for TSD117B use:

  1. TSD117B connected to DA100C
  2. DA100C set to:
    – Gain: 200
    – 10 Hz LP ON
    – 300 Hz LP ON
    – DC Coupling
    – VREF1 = +5V
    – VEF2 = -5V



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