293 – Displaying BPM Through Seven Segment Displays

This Application Note demonstrates how to sample and display calculation channel data through external devices such as LED’s or 7-segment displays via UIM100C digital output ports. In this exercise, BPM data derived from an analog ECG channel is displayed through a 7-segment display matrix.

Application Note 293 provides
– Background
– Setup
– Algorithm
– Test Results
– Appendix A: channel settings for the graph template
– Appendix B: complete code
– Appendix C: connection sheet for the 7-segment display used in this note
– Appendix D: wiring diagram from digital output ports to 7-segment display pins

Keywords: Digital Outputs, ECG output

Associated Applications

  • Amplifiers & Interfaces - Use BIOPAC amplifiers with MP Systems, as stand-alone devices, or with 3rd-party flow meters, force plates, sono-micrometers, telemetry equipment, metabolic carts, etc.
  • ECG: Cardiology - Connect up to 16 ECG input leads with MP160 system. Use automated analysis features for HRV, RSA, to classify heartbeats, identify arrhythmias, and perform ECG averaging.


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