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External Devices and Channel Contention

When connecting the analog output sourcing from external devices to the MP160 or MP150, channel contention must be considered. To connect external device outputs to the MP160 or MP150:

Note: If all amps making electrical connection are BioNomadix amplifiers, isolating external devices is not required.

Channel contention issues

  1. If an analog channel is used on the AMI100D or HLT100C, make certain that two external devices do not use the same analog channel.
  2. If amplifier modules are connected to the MP System, then those amplifier modules must be set to a channel that is not used by external devices plugged into the AMI100D or HLT100C.
  3. Wired amplifiers such as the ECG100C are set to the channel by the red channel switch on the top of the unit.
  4. Wireless BioNomadix units, such as the BN-RSPEC, use two channels (except for the BN-ACCL3, which uses three). These are indicated by the switches on the front of the units.
  5. Smart Amplifiers such as the ECG100D or EMG100D must be plugged into the AMI100D. They are not compatible with the HLT100C.
  6. Smart Amplifiers require their own individual channel as would any external device.


Two external device outputs and an EMG100C amplifier are connected to the MP160 system and connected to a human subject.

– Device one is a force plate
– Device two is a strain gauge
– The EMG100C measures the subject’s muscle activity

In this case, to fully isolate the human subject:

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