fNIRS for Education

NIRS brings real-time imaging to the lab without the drawbacks of the functional MRI or other imaging techniques that are expensive, time-consuming, and complex. In contrast, NIRS technology is affordable, easy to use, and requires fewer safety considerations. Explore the hemodynamic relationship between the brain and muscle systems with a real-time imaging system that fits in your backpack and has diverse capabilities for research and teaching.

fNIRs Education Systems are stand-alone functional imaging solutions for continuous NIR spectroscopy. The fNIRS Education System is a complete solution for educators including curriculum materials, hardware, and software to record, process, and analyze up to six optodes of NIRS data. Curriculum materials covering four lessons with step-by-step guides for 9 student-friendly exercises measuring changes in deoxygenated (Hb) and oxygenated (HbO2) hemoglobin during cognitive and neuromuscular tasks are included. Instructors can combine with existing Biopac Student Lab systems or use as a stand-alone imaging solution in their lab or classroom. The systems can easily integrate with most commercial physiology teaching systems.

Requires fNIR103E, which includes four lessons and nine exercises.

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Enhance your lab with fNIRS for Education

What do students learn with NIRS?

  • Optical imaging techniques preparing them for future careers in research, medicine, and engineering.
  • How muscle oxygenation changes: during a forearm occlusion task, with gravity, and during exercise.
  • How oxygenation in the prefrontal cortex changes: during cognitive tasks, head movement, and after vasoconstriction in the skin caused by temperature.
  • To perform experiments and analyze real-life data displaying changes in oxygenated (HbO2), deoxygenated (HbR) and total Hemoglobin (HbT) levels.
  • Stronger conceptual links with readings and lecture material covering hemodynamics, cerebral energy metabolism, and neurovascular coupling mechanisms.

Teaching Applications

Choose from one of four fNIRS lessons including nine experiments, or create your own. COBI Modern makes NIRS experimentation easy for students to start recording in under 5 minutes. For analysis, fNIRSoft includes tools for processing data and statistical analysis. Users can also import files in Excel and Matlab.

Students embark on real-world research using a student-friendly approach. Biopac Student Lab’s fNIRS lessons are derived from scientific publications providing students the opportunity to repeat well-known physiological phenomenon such as in the cuff-occlusion task, and also discover trends in cognitive function among individuals.


fNIRS for Education

fNIRS Lessons Overview

fNIRS Lesson 1 Forearm Oxygenation

fNIRS Lesson F2 Signals & Artifacts

fNIRS Lesson F3 Verbal Fluency

fNIRS Lesson F4 Single and Dual Tasks


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