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Stellar telemetry records blood pressure, biopotential, temperature and activity data from multiple animals in the same area – multiple animals in the same cage or enclosure. The radio frequency animal units communicate directly with AcqKnowledge®, via the Stellar receiver. The AcqKnowledge schedular controls when data from the animal unit is downloaded to the software. This significantly increases battery-life because the animal unit is only operating while it is recording the necessary data – whether is is ten seconds every ten minutes throughout the day, or thirty seconds every ten minutes throughout the day. Set the schedule in AcqKnowledge and it will collect data 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for the duration of the study.


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The intuitive Animal Scheduler uses an easy-to-configure calendar display—Select a subset or complete range of animals for long term recordings of conscious, unrestrained animals

Customizable Display: View Data in Multiple Display modes simultaneously; Signal Conditioning Tools include filtering and artifact removal

AcqKnowledge: Multi-Animal, Multi-Channel simultaneous automated data analysis. Stellar Analysis routine extracts mean values and standard deviations from data segments…Powerful automated routines for EEG, seizure detection, EMG, ECG, HRV, EOG, EGG, and dozens more…results are easily exported to Excel for further statistical analysis.


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