Integrated (RMS) EMG

Integrated EMG (iEMG) is defined as the area under the curve of the rectified EMG signal; that is, the mathematical integral of the absolute value of the raw EMG signal. When the absolute value of the signal is taken, noise will make the mathematical integral have a constant increase. Integrated EMG splits up the signal into fixed-width timeslices and resets the integral at the start of each timeslice. The integrated rectified EMG signal is plotted as a “sawtooth” style wave.

In addition to the true iEMG, the AcqKnowledge analysis routine outputs a second waveform for the maximum value of the iEMG signal in each timeslice. This Maximum iEMG is easier to interpret visually and approximates the envelope of the iEMG signal.

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The integration function incorporates a Root Mean Square (RMS) feature set to operate over a user-specified number of samples. Adjust the RMS time constant by increasing or decreasing the number of samples used to perform the integration. The number of samples used in the RMS integration divided by the sample rate is proportional to the time constant of the integration.calculate the integrated EMG envelope on-line and off-line.

Record EMG data with wired, wireless, or MRI Smart data acquisition amplifiers and surface EMG electrodes (disposable or reusable) or needle electrodes.



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