Current or Voltage Linear Isolated Stimulator

Current or Voltage Linear Isolated Stimulator

The STMISOLA Constant Current and Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator is used with an MP System to output either voltage or current waveforms and provides considerable flexibility in stimulation protocols.

Linear stimulatorgenerate stimulation signals that can have arbitrary waveshape. Typically, stimulators can only generate simple unipolar or bipolar pulses. The STMISOLA, however, can output unipolar or bipolar arbitrary waves such as pulse (single or train), square, sine, triangle, exponentially decaying, modulated envelopes, and fully user-specified types.

Voltage and current stimulator (unipolar or bipolar)—Voltage mode multiplies the input voltage x20, output Current mode has two options: High current (gain factor of 10 ma/volt) or Low Current (gain factor of 1 ma/volt); Low current mode permits much improved control for currents less than 10 ma.

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