Current Feedback Monitor Cable

Current Feedback Monitor Cable 1 V = 10 ma

This Current Feedback Monitor Cable will permit current sampling and can be used with any BIOPAC Stimulator for current verification.

  • Feedback constant: 1 V = 10 ma
  • Male Touchproof and Female Touchproof with 100 ohm 1% MF 1 Watt resistor in series between leads
  • 3.5 mm mono phone plug cable, 2 m (6.6″)

CBLCFMA is recommended for use with any voltage stimulator.

To isolate CBLCFMA output if other electrical connections are made (for instance, for ECG, EDA, EMG, etc.):

MP160/MP150: connect CBLCFMA through INISOA to AMI100D or HLT100C

MP36/MP36R: connect CBLCFMA through SS70LA and BSLCBL6

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