Cables & Accessories

Cables, Interfaces, and Accessories for Research Systems

BIOPAC provides a variety of cables, interfaces, connectors, power supplies for US and European systems, and other accessories to support multiple research systems. Please contact your international distributor or contact BIOPAC if you don’t find the support information you are looking for.

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US and European power adapter

AC Power Cords


Power cord for connection to Mains power from AC series in-line power supplies. For US, European, or Hospital Grade connectors.

Cbl Calibrate 2mm B series

Calibration Cables


This cable incorporates a precision 1/1,000 signal attenuator to verify the signal calibration of any BIOPAC Series 100/100C biopotential amplifiers…

Calibrate Standard for LDF100C

Calibration Standard for LDF100C

Part #: LDFCAL

The LDFCAL is a specially prepared colloidal solution of suspended latex spheres undergoing Brownian motion that provides a standard calibration…

Cbl Serial for MP100/MP30

Cbl Serial for MP100/MP30


One CBLSERA cable is included in each MP100 System or MP30 System. Connects the MP unit to USB1W (Windows) or USB1M…

Cbl USB A to USB B, 6 ft.

Cbl USB A to USB B, 1.8 m

Part #: CBLUSB

Replacement USB cable connects the MP36, MP36R, or MP35 data acquisition unit to a USB port. Includes and provides EMI…

Current Feedback Monitor Cable

Current Feedback Monitor Cable 1 V = 10 ma


This cable will permit current sampling and can be used with any BIOPAC Stimulator for current verification. Feedback constant: 1…

Current Limiting Cable

Current limiter: 2 ma (3 ma max)


The CBLLIMIT2 cable establishes unipolar current limiting (2 ma minimum, 3 ma maximum), for a compliance voltage range of ±200…

input adapter kit to CH on MP36/36R

Custom Input/Output


Use these kits to adapt third-party transducers to the CH inputs on BIOPAC’s MP36/36R . Kits include a Simple Sensor…

Ethernet Patch Cbl, 2m

Ethernet Cables


CBLETH are Ethernet patch and crossover cables (2 m). Use one CBLETH1 to connect the MP150 to an Ethernet Switch and…

BIOPAC cables

Extension Cables

Part #: CBLEXT, CBLHLT1, OXY100E-200 EXT

Use these extension cables to increase the distance between the designated system and your computer. CBLHLT1 7.6 m phono plug extension cable…


GPS Tracking Unit


GPS Location Synchronization Use this GPS tracking device with AcqKnowledge to import and synchronize a subject’s physical location with experiment…

High-impedance Cable

High Impedance Cables


Micro-electrode interface cables for MP36/36R, MP35, MP30, or MP45* These fully-shielded, unity gain, high-impedance, differential input, electrode interface cables permit…

CBL100 Series cables

Interface Cables

Part #: CBL100, CBL125, CBL124, CBL123, CBL122, CBL126, CBL101, CBL102, CBL105, CBL106, CBL107, CBL108, CBL117, CBL118, CBL121

CBL100 Series analog connection cables connect stand-alone equipment to an MP System. Analog outputs from chart recorders, preamplifiers, oscilloscopes, force…

200 series cables

Interface Cables CBL200 Series

Part #: CBL200, CBL201, CBL229, CBL202, CBL203, CBL204, CBL205, CBL206, CBL207

Lead interface adapter options: CBL200 2 mm pin to Safety Socket CBL201 Safety Socket to 2 mm pin (use for…

DSub 37 female breakout board

Isolated Digital I/O Board

Part #: STP-IO

The STP-IO allows for access to the isolated digital input and output lines of the STP100C module. This digital breakout…