stimulation adapter cablesCables for Stimulation

BIOPAC offers a series of cables for use in human and animal physiology experiments requiring stimulation. Cables are available in a variety of lengths and termination options. Some cables may be used to interface stimulating electrodes or to connect directly with an animal preparation. Feedback cables and a current limter are also available.

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Cbl, DSUB9 to BNC

Part #: OUT2

Use this BNC Output Adapter to output signals from an MP3X unit to other devices. The OUT2 can be used…

current monitor

Current Feedback Monitor Cable 1 V = 10 ma


This Current Feedback Monitor Cable will permit current sampling and can be used with any BIOPAC Stimulator for current verification.…

200 series cables

Interface Cables CBL200 Series

Part #: CBL200, CBL229, CBL246, CBL201, CBL202, CBL203, CBL204, CBL205, CBL206, CBL207

Lead interface adapter options: CBL200 2 mm pin to Safety Socket CBL201 Safety Socket to 2 mm pin (use for…

Measurement Computing 4-ch D/A to STMISOLA

Part #: CBLEPM

The CBLEPM connects the STMISOLA/L to a Measurement Computing 4-channel D/A unit. 3.5 mm phone jack connects to STMISOLA/L phone…

dsub9 to RJ11 jack

Output Adapter RJ11 to MP36

Part #: OUT6

Use this DSUB9 to RJ11 jack Output Adapter to map the analog output of an MP36 or MP36R to an…

l Stim BNC-M - 2 x alligator

Stimulator Interface Cables


Use to interface stimulating silver or platinum wire electrodes or to connect directly with an animal preparation or isolated tissue…

Stimulus presentation I/O lines

USB-TTL Interface

Part #: USB-TTL

USB-TTL Interface is a USB module which provides 16 TTL I/O lines that can have up to millisecond accuracy. It…