Cables & Accessories

Cables and Accessories for Life Science Education

BIOPAC provides a full line of cables and interfaces, manufactured to ISO 9000 quality standards, for a wide range of education and research applications.  Interfaces are available for a variety of connectors to support the use of Biopac Student Lab equipment and many other devices.  Computer interface, nerve chamber, power, stimulation, input and output adapters, and other cables and accessories are provided to support a variety of experiment designs.

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US power cord

AC Power Cords


Power cord for connection to Mains power from AC series in-line power supplies. Select US, European, or Chinese connector.

output adapters for BIOPAC MP36 and MP36R

BNC adapter for MP36 built-in stim

Part #: OUT3

This BNC adapter is designed to output signals from the built-in low voltage stimulator on the MP36 (Analog Out port).…

BSL 3.5 mm Phone Plug Adapter

Part #: BSLCBL5

Use this 3.5 mm phone plug adapter to interface the MP3X with equipment that outputs high-level voltage signals, including TSD122…

Cbl, DSUB9 to BNC

Part #: OUT2

Use this BNC Output Adapter to output signals from an MP3X unit to other devices. The OUT2 can be used…

Current Feedback Monitor Cable 1 V = 10 ma


This cable will permit current sampling and can be used with any BIOPAC Stimulator for current verification. Feedback constant: 1…

input adapter kit to CH on MP36/36R

Custom Input/Output


Use these kits to adapt third-party transducers to the CH inputs on BIOPAC’s MP36/36R . Kits include a Simple Sensor…

SS1LA Electrode Lead Adapter

Electrode Lead Adapter, TP

Part #: SS1LA

The fully-shielded electrode interface cable permits high resolution recording of biopotential signals. The 3-meter adapter cable accepts standard Touchproof connectors.…

High-impedance Cable

High Impedance Cables


Micro-electrode interface cables for MP36/36R, MP35, MP30, or MP45* These fully-shielded, unity gain, high-impedance, differential input, electrode interface cables permit…

Input Adapter – MP36/35 or Research Amps

Part #: BSLCBL14A

3.5 mm phone plug cable with a built-in attenuation. Provides a divide by 10 attenuation to scale the ±10 V…

BNC input adapter

Input Adapters – BNC

Part #: SS70LA, SS71L, SS9LA

ANALOG INPUTS FOR MP36/35/30/45 BNC Input These BNC input adapters are required when connecting isolated (or un-isolated) third party devices…

Interface 1/4 phono

Part #: BSL-TCI14

Use this interface (Stereo, 1/4″, Phono socket) to connect your existing transducer to the MP3X data acquisition unit for Biopac…

Interface 2 mm Hg Strain

Part #: BSL-TCI18

This interface cable (two 2 mm sockets*) adapts an existing BTI / Monarch type liquid metal (mercury or indium gallium)…

Interface 3.5 mm Intellitools

Part #: BSL-TCI20

Use this interface (mini 3.5 mm phono jack, female) to connect your existing Intellitools transducer to the Biopac Student Lab…

Interface 5-pin DIN Vernier

Part #: BSL-TCI15

Use this interface (5-pin DIN, female) to connect your existing transducer to a CH input on a BIOPAC data acquisition unit…

interface for 3rd-party transducers

Interface 5-pin Intellitools

Part #: BSL-TCI17

Use this interface (5-pin DIN, female) to connect your existing transducer to the Biopac Student Lab MP3x data acquisition unit.…