Piezo Audio Transducer
Part #: OUT102

Piezo Audio Transducer

Precision Transducer for Research Data Acquisition

Convert biological signals for analysis with MP system or AcqKnowledge®

The OUT102 piezo transducer is very useful for providing an audible stimulus, or alarm, when a physiological signal passes a certain threshold. As such, the OUT102 makes an excellent audible BPM indicator for ECG, blood pressure, or respiration signals. The device can also be used to indicate when temperature or other slowly moving variable (e.g., electrodermal response) passes a certain thresholld. The OUT102 is typically connected directly to the STM100C stimulator module.

The following interface cables are included with the OUT102:

  • 1 x 3.5 mm cable (CBL100) for connecting the OUT102 to a Digital I/O port on the UIM100C rear panel for operation with Control Channel outputs
  • 1 x Y-Splitter (CBL212) to permit the MP System to sample the drive waveform from stimulus presentation setups; permits recording of the drive waveform timing and amplitude
  • 2 x Unisolated RJ11 to 3.5 mm Jack (CBL122)
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