Stimulators for Human or Animal Research

BIOPAC offers a variety of stimulator modules for both human and animal research applications, including a Constant Current & Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator, Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator, and Human-Safe Stimulator Module. A programmable stimulator module that provides pulse and waveform stimulus outputs for nerve conduction, evoked response (e.g., ABR studies), audio stimulus-response (e.g., startle response), and somatosensory response studies is also available. Used with BIOPAC transducers, AcqKnowledge software, the MP data analysis &acquisition hardware platforms, amplifiers, and other system components, these accessories are an element of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.

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Constant Voltage Stimulator – Unipolar Pulse

Part #: STM200

The Constant Voltage Stimulator – Unipolar Pulse (STM200) has digital display, a keyed range switch (remove key for added safety),…


Current or Voltage Linear Isolated Stimulator


The STMISOLA Constant Current and Constant Voltage Isolated Linear Stimulator is used with an MP System to output either voltage…

STMHUM Stimulator Hardware

Human-safe Stimulator 0-100 V

Part #: STMHUM

The STMHUM is a direct, human-safe stimulator that provides pulse output in the range of 0-100 V. The maximum width…

Programmable Stimulator Module

Stimulator Module

Part #: STM100C

The STM100C module provides pulse and waveform stimulus outputs for nerve conduction, evoked response (e.g., ABR studies audio stimulus-response (e.g.,…

Stimulus Isolation Adapters


STMISO series Stimulation Isolation Adapters can stimulate with pulse, sinusoidal or arbitrary waveforms and are ideal for nerve conduction (with NERVE1 Nerve…

Hot Pulse Cold Pulse Stim

Thermal Stimulator


The STMTHERM is a thermal stimulator that can deliver both hot and cold temperature stimulation to a subject. The STMTHERM…