Stimulus Presentation for MRI Studies

Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime and MRI or fMRI

Advanced technology for MRI-based research

Electrical stimulation system designed exclusively for MRI or fMRI

The STMEPM-MRI Programmable Stimulation System for E-Prime allows a user to interface the STM100C Stimulator with E-Prime to control the stimulus frequency and stimulus intensity for real-time stimulus delivery changes based on a subject’s responses. It is also possible to hardcode the stimulus intensity levels in the presentation so that predefined stimulus levels are delivered during the E-Prime presentation. 

The STMEPM-MRI System is available as a standalone system or as an addition to an existing MP160  System.

  • MECMRI-STMISO MRI Filter/Cable Set for Stimulation
  • STM100C Stimulator Module
  • STMISOC Stimulus Isolation Adapter
  • Measurement Computing USB 4-ch D/A Unit
  • Software Utility (STM100C<–> E-Prime) with sample E-Prime experiment
  • Version specific hardware:
    Standalone: IPS100D Isolated Power Supply, CBL122 RJ, CBL100 3.5 mm
    Add to MP Sys: CBLCFMA Current Feedback Cable, 2 x INISOA Signal Isolation Adapter, 2 x CBL100 3.5 mm
  • CBLEPM for E-Prime
  • LEAD108C Electrode Leads (2)
  • EL509 Disposable Dry Electrodes
  • GEL104 Salt-free, Chloride-free Electrically Conductive Gel
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