MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI Smart Amplifiers by BIOPAC

High-Quality Data for Human and Animal Protocols

BIOPAC offers a series of cables, electrodes, electrode leads, transducers, amplifiers, gating systems, and stimulus options for safe data acquisition of physiological signals in the MRI environment. Specially developed cables make it easy to interface between the control room and the chamber, and MR Safe and MR Conditional items are available. Electrodes and sensors are radiotranslucent and designed for use in the MRI. AcqKnowledge software includes automated data cleaning tools to further filter the data for high-quality results and easier analysis.

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Safety Guidelines for Recording Biopotential Measurements in the MRI Environment

1. Place electrodes on the subject according to these guidelines:
A ) Prepare the subject’s skin surface with ELPAD to create a low contact source impedance at the electrode attachment site. Be careful to wipe away any excess electrode gel form the surface of the subject’s skin.

B) Attach the EL508 or EL509 electrodes as close to each other as possible, on the subject’s skin, for the measurement.

C) Place electrodes in as straight of a line as possible which is perpendicular to the magnet’s axis.

D) Place electrodes between 3-5 cm apart, if possible; the larger the area between the electrodes, the stronger the MRI gradient artifact.

2. Connect the electrode lead set to the electrodes according to these guidelines: A ) Make sure that the electrode leads do not loop in a “circle”, “S” or “U” shape. Also, do not twist or braid the electrode leads. Looped, braided or twisted leads pick up RF energy, resulting in current induction and increased localized heating.  

B ) Run the leads out of the chamber bore in the simplest (straightest) manner possible.

C)  Do not allow the electrode leads to touch the subject’s bare skin. Electrode leads may heat up in the MRI.
– Use a thermal insulator (such as a blanket or towel) between the electrode lead and the subject’s skin.
– It’s also possible to use thermally-insulating foam jacket, similar to those used for insulating copper tubing, for placing the electrode leads to keep them away from the subject’s skin.

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Accelerometer 2 G (tri-axial) for MRI

Part #: TSD109A-MRI

This Tri-Axial ±2 G Accelerometer high-level output transducer is optimal for measuring ballistocardiography, stroke volume, respiration, restless leg syndrome, and…

Accelerometer 5 G (uses 3 inputs) for MRI

Part #: TSD109C2-MRI

This Tri-Axial Accelerometer high level output transducer (±5 G) is optimal for measuring accelerations when performing slow movements, subtle gestures,…

reusable silver-silver chloride electrodes

Ag-AgCl Electrodes

Part #: EL254, EL254RT, EL254S, EL258, EL258H, EL258RT, EL258S

Silver-silver chloride (Ag-AgCl) electrodes provide accurate and clear transmission of surface biopotentials. EL250 Series reusable lead electrodes are suitable for…

Tiered flow head

Air Flow Head – Tiered

Part #: RX117A-MRI

The RX117A-MRI is a sterilizable air flow head for use with BIOPAC pneumotachs—fits standard (TSD117A, SS11LB) and -MRI (TSD117A-MRI) transducers. The…

MR Safe Liquid silicon mouthpiece

Airflow Mouthpiece Replacement for MRI

Part #: RX-AFT35-MOUTH

The RX-AFT35-MOUTH is a low profile liquid silicone mouthpiece replacement for the AFT35-MRI non-rebreathing T-valve assembly. The AFT35-MRI fits inside the head coil…

Impedance electrodes with leads

Bioimpedance Strip Electrode with Leads

Part #: EL526

Pack of four strip electrodes with TP leads attached, intended for bioimpedance applications. Each electrode is 16.5 cm x 1.3…

Cardio Respiratory Gating System – ECG


Complete Dual-Channel Gating Systems These gate systems provide the cardiac trigger via an MRI Smart Electrocardiogram Amplifier (ECG100C-MRI) and include an…

Digital Trigger Unit for MRI Gating

Part #: DTU100

Use the DTU100 Digital Trigger Unit to trigger an MRI system with the occurrence of the R-wave present in human…

Disp. Radiotranslucent Electrode, 100/pk

Disp. Radiotranslucent Electrode, 100/pk

Part #: EL508

These disposable, radiotranslucent, pre-gelled electrodes have a circular contact on latex-free, vinyl tape backing. Use with LEAD108B or LEAD108C RT leads.…

Disposable RT Dry Electrodes

Part #: EL509

These disposable dry electrodes have a very long shelf-life and are ideal for EDA/GSR applications. EL509 electrodes are radiotranslucent and have circular…

Disposable RT Electrodes – 3/set (pk of 20 sets)

Part #: EL510

EL510 is a disposable, Ag-AgCl , radio-translucent set of three pre-wired electrodes with hydrogel centers and hydrocolloid ends. Contact area:…

ECG Electrocardiogram Amplifier for MRI

Part #: ECG100C-MRI

The ECG100C-MRI Electrocardiogram Amplifier records electrical activity generated by the heart and will reliably record ECG from humans, animals and…

EDA Electrodermal Activity Amplifier for MRI

Part #: EDA100C-MRI

MRI Smart Amplifier The EDA100C-MRI measures both the skin conductance level (SCL) and skin conductance response (SCR) as they vary…

Isotonic Electrode Gel

Electrode Gel, Isotonic, 114 g

Part #: GEL101A

GEL101A electrode paste is specially formulated with 0.5% saline added to a neutral base to create an isotonic, 0.05 molar…

Electroencephalogram EEG Amplifier for MRI

Part #: EEG100C-MRI

MRI Smart Amplifier The EEG100C-MRI Electroencephalogram (EEG) Amplifier amplifies bioelectric potentials associated with neuronal activity of the brain and can…

EMG Electromyogram Amplifier for MRI

Part #: EMG100C-MRI

MRI Smart Amplifier The EMG100C-MRI Electromyogram Amplifier amplifies general and skeletal muscle electrical activity. The amplifier functions directly with AcqKnowledge to…

Fast Response Thermistor for MRI

Part #: TSD202A-MRI

TSD202A-MRI employs a fast response thermistor and is appropriate for use in locations where temperature changes rapidly, as with the temperature changes of…

Fiber Optic Temperature System

Part #: FOTS100

Stand-alone Fiber Optic Temperature System FOTS100 includes control unit with RS-232 port, ± 5 V analog output, and rubber boot;…

SS61l Finger Flex Transducer

Finger Flex Transducer for MRI

Part #: TSD131-MRI

Use this transducer to record finger flexion/extension responses from human subjects in the MRI. The transducer conforms to the shape…

FOTS probe 8 m

FO Temp Probe 3 mm OD, 8 m

Part #: TSD181

Fiber Optic Probe: 3 mm OD Kevlar reinforced PVC cable, 8 m cable. Measure temperature for cats, dogs, or primates; see…

FOTS probe

FO Temp Probe 420 um OD, 3 m

Part #: TSD182

Probe is 420 µm OD of Polyimide tubing; 900 µm OD tight buffer PVC, 3 m cable. For 8 m option, see TSD180.…

FOTS probe

FO Temp Probe 420 um OD, 8 m

Part #: TSD180

Probe is 420 µm OD of Polyimide tubing; 900 µm OD tight buffer PVC, 8 m cable. For 3 m option, see TSD182.…

Gas Sampling Tubing+Luer for MRI

Part #: AFT31-MRI

Tubing plus drying tubes, hydrophobic filters, and male and female Luer locks to interface the AFT35-MRI T-valve gas sampling port to the…

Gating Triggers

Part #: DTU200, DTU300

MRI Gating System for Two Signals Respiration and ECG or BP These are dual channel gating systems for small animal…

General Arterial Pressure transducer for MRI

General Arterial Pressure for MRI

Part #: TSD104A-MRI

Use this blood pressure transducer for general arterial pressure studies in the MRI. The TSD104A-MRI terminates in a DSUB9 connector…

SS25LB, TSD121C Hand Dynamometer

Hand Clench Dynamometer for MRI

Part #: TSD121B-MRI

Use to measure clench force in the MRI; clench force range 0-50 kgf. The lightweight, ergonomically designed transducer provides direct…

High Field Fiber Optic Temperature System

Part #: FOTS200

Stand-alone High Field Fiber Optic Temperature System The FOTS200 is a single-channel* AccuSens signal conditioner specifically designed for measuring physiological…

Fiber-optic temperature sensors

High Field FO Temperature Probes

Part #: TSD380, TSD381

High-accuracy, high-field fiber optic Rectal Temperature Sensors for use in MRI field strength >3T Magnetic Sensitivity details Cable sheath: TSD380 0.9 mm…

Jumper cable for MRI use

Jumper Cable for MRI (2xTPF to 1xTPM)

Part #: JUMP100C-MRI

Custom-fabricated Y cable for MRI use Tin plated, carbon composition with goldplated brass connectors Only available from BIOPAC! Use this Y…

Laminar Flow Head ±120 LPM (±2 LPS)

Laminar Flow Head 120 LPS

Part #: RX157B

The RX157B is a low flow head for the laminar flow transducer TSD157B-MRI. Multiple RX157B heads help eliminate equipment downtime…

laminar flow transducer ±120 LPM

Laminar Flow Transducer ±120 LPM

Part #: TSD157B-MRI, TSD157B-MRI-01

The TSD157B-MRI laminar flow transducer (±120 LPM) is suitable for precision ventilator bidirectional airflow measurements or resting airflow measures in fMRI.…

Medium Flow Trans 300L/min for MRI

Part #: TSD117A-MRI

The TSD117A-MRI can be used to perform a variety of tests relating to air flow, lung volume and expired gas…

MR Safe lead adapter Touchproof male to Touchroof female

MR Safe AC-Coupled Lead Adapter

Part #: CBL205-MRI

CBL205-MRI may be used when more than one ground is required, e.g., when recording EDA with other biopotential(s), NICO with…

MRI lead adapter

MR Safe RT Lead Adapter – 2 mm pin to TP

Part #: CBL231-MRI

This adapter is an MR Safe carbon composite radio translucent electrode lead that connects a non-ferrous 2 mm pin to…

MRI Cbl/Filter System for Biopot. Amps

MRI Filtered Cable Sets


These MRI filtered cable sets include the following components to set up recordings in the MRI: Biopotential Amps use MECMRI-BIOP:…

Non-rebreathing T-valve for MRI

Part #: AFT35-MRI

The AFT35-MRI is a low profile mouthpiece and non-rebreathing T-valve assembly specifically designed to fit inside an fMRI head coil.*…


Noninvasive Blood Pressure System for MRI

Part #: NIBP-B-MRI-1

This system measures relative central arterial pressure in the MRI to provide continuous, noninvasive “Beat-by-Beat” Blood Pressure from at rest…

Noninvasive Cardiac Output Amplifier for MRI

Noninvasive Cardiac Output Amplifier for MRI

Part #: NICO100C-MRI

The NICO100C-MRI Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Noninvasive Cardiac Output Module for Magnetic Resonance Imaging records specific parameters associated with cardiac output…

Photo Plethysmogram Amplifier for MRI

Part #: PPG100C-MRI

MRI Smart Amplifier The PPG100C-MRI Photo Plethysmogram amplifier operates with the MECMRI-TRANS MRI cable/filter set and the TSD200-MRI photoplethysmogram (PPG)…

Photoplethysmograph Transducer for MRI

Part #: TSD200-MRI

The TSD200-MRI photoplethysmogram (PPG) transducer operates with the PPG100C-MRI to record the blood volume pulse waveform via optical (photoplethysmogram) methods.…