SpO2 sensor for MRI

SPO2 Sensor for MRI

Extend Discovery into the MRI

Advanced technology for MRI-based research

pulse oximetry sensor for MRIUse this pulse oximetry finger sensor (SpO2 sensor for adult human finger with two self-adhering wraps, 9 m sensor cable, and DB9 connector) with the OXY-MRI SpO2 System (one sensor is included with the system).

The sensor cable material is a light conducting glass bundle made up of premium achromatic glass. There is no conductive cable running through the sensor cable except what is encased in the control unit side DB9 connector. The photo detector and LED are in that end and connected to the respective fiber optic ends.

Important! Do not operate this device with the oximeter control unit or oximeter sensor connector within the MR Chamber Room. The oximeter control unit and oximeter sensor cable DB9 connector should always be positioned in the MRI Control Room with the fiber optic cable and sensor entering the MRI Chamber Room through an available waveguide.

  • Place oximeter control unit and oximeter sensor cable in the MRI Control Room, then feed the oximeter sensor cable from the MRI Control Room to the MRI Chamber Room through an available waveguide. Only introduce the oximeter sensor cable and integral SpO2 finger sensor into the MRI Chamber Room.

MRI Use: Conditional

Condition: Must use MR finger sensor and must route sensor and cable through wave guide; rated to 3.0 Tesla. (See Specifications for components.)




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