Transducers for MRI

BIOPAC has special expertise in research conducted in the MRI and provides a number of solutions for human and small animal MRI applications, including transducers specially designed for use in the MRI, including transducers for biopotentials, pressure, SpO2, twitch, and subject response.

BIOPAC’s specially developed cables make it easy to interface between the control room and the chamber. Electrodes and sensors are radiotranslucent and designed for use in the MRI. AcqKnowledge software includes automated data cleaning tools to further filter the data for high-quality data.
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Accelerometer 2 G (tri-axial) for MRI

Part #: TSD109A-MRI

This Tri-Axial ±2 G Accelerometer high-level output transducer is optimal for measuring ballistocardiography, stroke volume, respiration, restless leg syndrome, and…

Accelerometer 5 G (uses 3 inputs) for MRI

Part #: TSD109C2-MRI

This Tri-Axial Accelerometer high level output transducer (±5 G) is optimal for measuring accelerations when performing slow movements, subtle gestures,…

Fast Response Thermistor for MRI

Part #: TSD202A-MRI

TSD202A-MRI employs a fast response thermistor and is appropriate for use in locations where temperature changes rapidly, as with the temperature changes of…

SS61l Finger Flex Transducer

Finger Flex Transducer for MRI

Part #: TSD131-MRI

Use this transducer to record finger flexion/extension responses from human subjects in the MRI. The transducer conforms to the shape…

FOTS probe 8 m

FO Temp Probe 3 mm OD, 8 m

Part #: TSD181

Fiber Optic Probe: 3 mm OD Kevlar reinforced PVC cable, 8 m cable. Measure temperature for cats, dogs, or primates; see…

FOTS probe

FO Temp Probe 420 um OD, 3 m

Part #: TSD182

Probe is 420 µm OD of Polyimide tubing; 900 µm OD tight buffer PVC, 3 m cable. For 8 m option, see TSD180.…

FOTS probe

FO Temp Probe 420 um OD, 8 m

Part #: TSD180

Probe is 420 µm OD of Polyimide tubing; 900 µm OD tight buffer PVC, 8 m cable. For 3 m option, see TSD182.…

General Arterial Pressure transducer for MRI

General Arterial Pressure for MRI

Part #: TSD104A-MRI

Use this blood pressure transducer for general arterial pressure studies in the MRI. The TSD104A-MRI terminates in a DSUB9 connector…

SS25LB, TSD121C Hand Dynamometer

Hand Clench Dynamometer for MRI

Part #: TSD121B-MRI

Use to measure clench force in the MRI; clench force range 0-50 kgf. The lightweight, ergonomically designed transducer provides direct…

Fiber-optic temperature sensors

High Field FO Temperature Probes

Part #: TSD380, TSD381

High-accuracy, high-field fiber optic Rectal Temperature Sensors for use in MRI field strength >3T Magnetic Sensitivity details Cable sheath: TSD380 0.9 mm…

Medium Flow Trans 300L/min for MRI

Part #: TSD117A-MRI

The TSD117A-MRI can be used to perform a variety of tests relating to air flow, lung volume and expired gas…

Photoplethysmograph Transducer for MRI

Part #: TSD200-MRI

The TSD200-MRI photoplethysmogram (PPG) transducer operates with the PPG100C-MRI to record the blood volume pulse waveform via optical (photoplethysmogram) methods.…

Pressure sensor with Luer lock, tubing, and differential pressure transducer

Pressure Pad / Respiration Trans. for MRI

Part #: TSD110-MRI

The MR Safe Pressure Pad/Respiration Transducer (TSD110-MRI) requires no electrical connections inside the chamber and works on a number of…

Respiration Transducer for MRI

Part #: TSD221-MRI

This MR Safe fully-pneumatic respiration transducer measures subject respiration (thoracic or abdominal) in the MRI. The extremely unobtrusive design presents minimal…

Response/Hand Force for MRI

Part #: TSD114-MRI

Subjects can indicate a response while in the MRI by squeezing this pump bulb by hand or applying pressure via…

SPO2 FO Sensor for MRI


This is a fiber optic pulse oximetry finger sensor for the OXY-MRI SpO2 System. The sensor is for adult human…

tail BP cuff sensor

Tail Cuff Sensor for MRI


Alternate tail cuff for the NIBP200A and NIBP250 Small Animal Tail Blood Pressure Systems—for use in MRI applications. The body…

Variable Assessment Transducer

Variable Assessment Transducer for MRI

Part #: TSD115-MRI

The TSD115-MRI incorporates a slide control with graduated scale that allows the user to gauge their subjective response to a…