Dual-channel Gating System for MRI (ECG & Respiration)

Dual-channel Gating System for MRI

Hardware Package: Animal, MRI
Applications: Magnetic Resonance Imaging with BIOPAC Equipment
Advanced Features: Interface With Third-Party Transducers

Gate System includes an MP160 data acquisition & analysis system with AcqKnowledge software and provides the cardiac trigger via an MRI Smart Electrocardiogram Amplifier (ECG100C-MRI), dual-channel cardiac respiratory gating system (DTU300 for human or large animal), MR Safe respiration transducer (TSD110-MRI), and cables, electrodes, and leads. Bundle also includes Impedance Checker and ELPAD.

Part #: EL-CHECK

Part #: ELPAD

ELPAD Abrasive Pads


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