Fiber Optic Temperature System
Part #: FOTS100A

Fiber Optic Temperature System

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Stand-alone Fiber Optic Temperature System

FOTS100A includes signal conditioner, 24 V DC power supply, country-specific power cord, USB-A to USB-A cable (2 m), connector cleaner (tape), LC connector cleaner, and stylus for touch screen. Interface cables are available to use with a BIOPAC MP System.

Add high-accuracy, fiber optic temperature probes for use in MRI (separate purchase):

Rectal Temp Probe: 300 µm OD Polyimide tubing – TSD180A 8 m or TSD182A 3 m | The Polyimide round tubing protects the sensing element its flexibility and rigidity provide excellent pushability.

Surface Temp Probe: sensor 1 mm OD, PFA tubing 0.9 mm OD – TSD181A 8 m | The glass tube at the end of the probe provides a robust protection over the sensing element as well as a firm connection from sensor to cable. Cable sheath rated up to 85 °C.

Note: FOTS100A/FOTS100 with TSD180 Series Probes are suitable for MR field strength of 3T and lower; for high field strength MRI applications, use FOTS200 with TSD380  Series Probes.

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