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Noninvasive Blood Pressure System for MRI

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Noninvasive Blood Pressure Module for MRI
Part #: NIBP-MRI

The NIBP-MRI CareTaker blood pressure system is a wireless and noninvasive physiological monitoring system that tracks blood pressure, using Pulse-Decomposition Analysis (PDA) technology, as well as heart rate. The system provides relative, real-time, beat-to-beat pressure measurement values during magnetic resonance imaging.

Key features

  • Wireless transmission of blood pressure data from CareTaker blood pressure processing unit (via Bluetooth) to a PC
  • Beat-by-beat blood pressure data is used to generate systolic and diastolic values, which are available in real time from two D/A channels
  • Designed for use with MRI recordings

The system includes NIBP-MRI Amplifier and Transducer (with 8 m tubing), Bluetooth Dongle, USB D/A Converter and Cables, INISO Optically Isolated Input Adapter, and Automatic Blood Pressure Calibration Unit.

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CareTaker NIBP-MRI
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Part #: NIBP-MRI
Categories: MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Research
Subcategories: Amplifier Modules - Research

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NIBP-MRI operates passively at a low constant coupling pressure of 40 mmHg. After being provided a calibrated blood pressure reading, the device tracks blood pressure by analyzing the timing and amplitudes of the primary left ventricular ejection pulse as well as the arterial pulse reflections, at the first member of the thumb, the middle phalange of the middle finger, at the wrist or upper arm.

 Setup Tip   The first member of the thumb is a far better site to obtain reliable pulse signals than the middle phalanx of the middle finger, particularly in the case of cold fingers.

Click to read more about how CareTaker (NIBP-MRI) works. click to open the App Note PDF

NIBP-MRI noninvasive BP setup for brachial artery
Setup example: sensor to brachial artery

The NIBP-MRI CareTaker system runs on a computer with Windows 7 OS (not compatible with Windows 10) and sends analog signals back to a BIOPAC MP Device or third-party A/D converter. Using the included INISO Optically Isolated Input Adapter provides optimal isolation for improved subject safety; to use INISO with MP150 Systems, add an HLT100C High-Level Transducer Module.

The NIBP-MRI device is controlled from and streams data to the PC; communication is wireless using the Bluetooth transmission protocol. The device weighs ~114 grams and runs for about 12-hours on a single battery charge. Since the device tracks pulse reflections that stem from the central arteries, it appears to be capable of tracking central blood pressure. Recent experiments furthermore suggest that the technology is particularly suitable as a hemorrhage detector. This is due to the fact that PDA is particularly adept at tracking pulse pressure, which is a sensitive and specific marker for central hypovolemia.

NIBP-MRI data using BIOPAC AcqKnowledge software

The digital sensor features a miniaturized design based on a piezo-electric sensor and proprietary pulsation-exteriorization as well as electronic filtering and amplification techniques. The device communicates wirelessly with PC-based computers using the Bluetooth protocol.

The device’s signal quality is sufficiently high as to allow detailed contour analysis of the radial or digital pulse shape, which is influenced by factors such as systolic and diastolic blood pressure, arterial distensibility and the pressure impedance effects of artery/arteriole interfaces. Specifically, it makes the resolution of the component pulse structure of the radial/digital pulse envelope possible.

NOTE: NIBP-MRI is NOT FDA approved for clinical use.



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