TTL Trigger Isolation Adapter

TTL Trigger Isolation Adapter

The TTL Trigger Isolation Adapter is ideal for recording trigger signals produced by MRI scanners (triggers on rising edge). Short duration TTL pulses have their pulse width elongated by the adapter, and this pulse width elongation allows short trigger pulses to be resolved with lower sampling rates. The INISO-TRIGA maintains safe subject isolation from any power surges from external equipment.

This TTL input signal isolator may be used to safely connect TTL pulse signals from externally powered mains equipment to the inputs of an AMI100D or HLT100C module interface or of an IPS100D isolated power supply to mains powered external equipment. This isolation adapter connects a TTL level source to the AMI100D, HLT100C, or IPS100D module in the Control room—do not place INISO-TRIGA in Chamber room.

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