Interface Modules

Wide Variety of Interface Modules for Physiology Research Needs

High-level transducer interface, signal isolators, isolated power, and universal interface modules are available to support a broad range of physiology research.  Modules are available to interface with BIOPAC MP150 and other hardware platforms, as well as operating independent of an MP150 unit.  When used with BIOPAC electrodes, AcqKnowledge software, the MP150 data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, transducers and other system components, these interface modules are part of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.
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Channel Inputs+Analog Outputs for MP160 DAQ

Amplifier Input Module

Part #: AMI100D

The Amplifier Input Module is used to connect Smart Amplifiers and other high-level transducers to an MP160 System. It allows…

RJ cable Y adapter

Amplifier Output Cable

Part #: CBL237

The Smart Amp Output “Y” Adapter allows for the signals from a 100D-Series Smart Amplifier connected to either an AMI100D Amplifier…

Isolated Power Supply

Isolated Power Supply for 100D or 100C Series

Part #: IPS100D

The IPS100D allows you to operate up to 16 amplifiers on a stand-alone basis—independent of an MP data acquisition unit.…

Isolation Adapters

Signal Isolation Adapters


These analog signal isolators are used to connect mains powered external laboratory equipment to the MP System when the system…

TTL input signal isolator (connects to AMI or HLT module interface or IPS isolated power)

TTL Trigger Isolation Adapter


The TTL Trigger Isolation Adapter is ideal for recording trigger signals produced by MRI scanners (triggers on rising edge). Short duration TTL pulses have…

Universal Interface Module

Part #: UIM100C

The UIM100C is used to connect 100-series amplifier modules and signal cables to an MP system and was included in older MP150…