E-Prime Stimulus Presentation System

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E-Prime®: experiment generation and data collection

E-Prime Stimulus Presentation System
Part #: EPM100W

This stimulus presentation package includes E-Prime 3 experiment generator and an isolated digital interface (STP100C) with parallel port cable (CBL110C).

E-Prime provides experiment generation and millisecond precision data collection through data handling and processing. E-Prime is a powerful suite of applications combining precise millisecond timing, a user-friendly environment, and the flexibility to create simple to complex experiments for both advanced and novice users.

Use the AcqKnowledge Digital inputs to stim events tool to automatically score and label digital event marks from the E-Prime presentation. The digital channels are interpreted as a binary number. Each stimulus event placed into the graph has the corresponding number included with its label. This allows further analysis to distinguish between different types of stimulus events for automated event related analysis.

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Part #: EPM100W


E-Prime® 3.0 Overview

E-Prime® is the most comprehensive software available for behavioral research. Build your own experiments using E-Prime’s easy-to-use graphical interface. Design, collect, and analyze data – all within a few hours! With more than 100,000 users in research institutions and laboratories in over 60 countries, E-Prime is the world-leading behavioral experiment software. E-Prime provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. E-Prime provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data. E-Prime’s flexibility to create simple to complex experiments is ideal for both novice and advanced users.

The E-Prime suite of applications includes:

  • E-Studio – Drag and drop graphical interface for experiment design.
  • E-Basic – Underlying scripting language of E-Prime (nearly identical to Visual Basic for Applications™).
  • E-Run – Once experiment design is complete, a single mouse click generates it into an E-Basic script. E-Run then affords you the millisecond precision of stimulus presentation, synchronizations, and data collection.
  • E-Merge – Quickly and easily combines your single session data files for group analysis.
  • E-DataAid – Data management utility that allows you to filter, edit, analyze, and export your data.
  • E-Recovery – Recovers data files in the event of early terminated experiments, or lost or corrupted files.

New with E-Prime 3.0

  • Support for tablets and touchscreens
  • SlideButton sub-object for an area of response collection without using script
  • SlideChoice sub-object to design multiple choice surveys, recognitions, recalls
  • SlideSlider sub-object to design scales and sliders
  • Slide Layout Templates for quick design
  • Improved interface with tabbed workspace and easier access to windows
  • Find and replace properties in an experiment
  • Run an experiment in a floating window for quicker inspection and debugging
  • Run desired List rows at runtime with Interactive order selection
  • Interactively run List rows for debugging purposes
  • Create conditional Task Events using subroutines in User Script
  • Improved Audio/Video playback and load times
  • Start an experiment from any List object
  • Play movie and audio files in additional formats
  • Online Experiment Library
  • E-Prime Command Reference and online documentation
  • New experiment design templates
  • Access Full and User Script in the Structure window
  • Automatically generate text data files upon completion of experiment
  • Save a definition of columns of interest in E-DataAid
  • Correct, Incorrect, Omission Task Events
  • Check for Update checks web and prompts when updates are available

E-Prime® 3.0 Components

The E-Prime® suite of applications includes:


The graphical interface makes creating experiments as easy as dragging and dropping objects onto procedural time lines! An experiment is comprised of a series of E-Objects. Each E-Object has a set of specific properties. The properties determine the behavior of each object.

Available E-Objects include:

Procedure Acts as a timeline for events within the experiment.
TextDisplay Allows presentation of a full screen of text.
ImageDisplay Allows presentation of images in multiple formats (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *gif, *.png, *.tif, *.tiff, *.emf, *.wmf).
MovieDisplay Allows presentation of movies in multiple formats (*.mpeg, *.avi, *.wmv).
Slide Allows presentation of a combination of text, buttons, choices, sliders, images, movies and/or sound, as well as the recording of audio (SoundIn).
List Contains all independent variables, attributes, and stimuli as well as controls sampling.
SoundOut Allows presentation of sound files in multiple formats (including *.mp3 and *.wma).
SoundIn Allows the recording of audio.
FeedbackDisplay Allows automatic visual and/or audio feedback to be presented at the end of a procedure.
InLine Allows advanced experiment control through inserting user-written E-Basic.


Nearly identical to Visual Basic for Applications™, E-Basic is the underlying scripting language of E-Prime. The graphical representations of experiments prepared in E-Studio are automatically compiled into a complete E-Basic script with a single mouse click. Furthermore, E-Studio offers access to E-Basic. This is particularly useful if your experiment requires a non-standard operation which is not specifically addressed in the graphical interface. Just as E-Objects are graphical representations of the most common experiment operations, an InLine object allows you to insert a piece of your own custom script within the graphical representation of the experiment.


Once your experiment is specified within E-Studio, a single mouse click compiles the experiment into an E-Basic script. This is all the code necessary to run your experiment. Once your experiment is compiled, E-Run affords you the millisecond precision of stimulus presentation, synchronizations and data collection.


This application allows you to quickly and easily combine your single session data files into multi-session data files. E-Merge also keeps a history on each data file. This is particularly useful in order to determine which files have been merged along with the date and location of each data file.


This application is a data management utility specific to E-Prime. It features data security options as well as the ability to filter, edit, and export data to external statistical packages.


This application allows you to select an incomplete E-Run text file and convert it into an E-Prime data file. This is useful in cases where the experiment is unexpectedly terminated.

Isolated Digital Interface

The Isolated Digital Interface (STP100C) safely isolates digital inputs (in the range of 0-3.3 V or 0-5.0 V) and outputs to and from an MP160, MP150 or MP100 System and includes a 3-meter DB25 M/F ribbon cable (CBL110C) to interface with E-Prime via the printer port.

  • For additional details about the Isolated Digital Interface, see STP100C.

Authorized Use

Unless otherwise granted and stated in writing by an authorized entity or notifying body, your right to use E-Prime products is strictly limited to research purposes; you may not use them for medical treatment or diagnosis. These products have not yet been reviewed, certified, or approved by the FDA or similar organization for use with patients or clinical purposes. You are solely responsible for the proper and safe conduct of your research studies. All use of these products must be in compliance with 45 CFR 46 and appropriate human subjects’ procedures as they exist within your institution.


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