VPG Photoplethysmogram Transducer

Precision Transducer for Research Data Acquisition

Convert biological signals for analysis with MP system or AcqKnowledge®

Part #: TSD204A

The vaginal photoplethysmogram (VPG) transducer measures vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) and vaginal blood volume (VBV). The transducer responds to reflected light circumferentially.

  • insert tip: length 5 cm (1.97″); diameter 1.26 cm (0.50″)
  • cable: 3 m (9.8 feet), terminates in touch proof connectors
  • interface: direct connection to PPG100C amplifier
  • NOT suitable for use in MRI

Add a variety of physiological sexual arousal parameters including temperature, EDA, respiration, and pulse. Monitor pulse rate, respiration rate, pulse amplitude, and area under the pulse curve with AcqKnowledge calculation channels.

Present a wide range of videos or images and send marker/trigger information to the MP System with a stimulus presentation package. Use automated analysis features, triggering off of the image markers, to determine the onset timing, duration, and amplitude of the subject’s response. Add subject feedback via the Variable Assessment Transducer TSD115.

TSD204A replaces the discontinued combination of TSD204 + TCIPPG2.

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Part #: TSD204A

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VPG Transducer Specifications


Insert :                          Sensor area = 2.9 x 2.9 mm, 5.2 mm2 ; Diameter = 12.6 mm; Length = 50 mm
Cable:                            3 m cable (9.8 feet); terminates in 3 x Touchproof connectors
Interface:                      Connects directly to PPG100C for MP160/150 System; NOT suitable for MRI
Weight:                         2.9 oz
Sterilization:                Cidex™ OPA Solution (20-45 minutes)


Photodiode:                 Photodiode with integrated amplifier; 400-950 nm response; 450 mV/uW; Typical output voltage 3.6 V
LED:                             3 mm Red/Orange LED; 23 mcd @ 20 mA peak wave length 650 nm




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