Sexual Arousal

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Interface 2 mm Hg Strain

Part #: BSL-TCI18

This interface cable (two 2 mm sockets*) adapts an existing BTI / Monarch type liquid metal (mercury or indium gallium)…

Interface Low Z Strain Gauge

Part #: TCI111A

This low impedance strain gauge transducer interface allows Mercury/Indium-Gallium (liquid metal) transducers with Touchproof sockets (typical, as per gauges from BTI-Monarch)…

PPPG Transducer for male plethysmogram

Penile Plethysmograph Transducer

Part #: TSD205-6.0 to TSD205-12.5

The TSD205-size series penile plethysmography transducer is an easy-to-use liquid metal (Indium-Gallium) strain gauge, designed for single use or same client…

VPG sensor with touchproof connectors

VPG Photoplethysmogram Transducer

Part #: TSD204A

The vaginal photoplethysmogram (VPG) transducer measures vaginal pulse amplitude (VPA) and vaginal blood volume (VBV). The transducer responds to reflected light…