Impedance Cardiography Recording and Analysis Software
Part #: ACKICG

Impedance Cardiography Analysis Software Module

The Premier Data Acquisition & Analysis Program: AcqKnowledge®

Software module for advanced analysis

lesImpedance Cardiography (ICG) Analysis Module 
Take Charge of Your ICG/Cardiac Output Data with Fully Automated Routines! Use the Power of the
MP Research Systems and AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete ICG Recording and Analysis Solution.

AcqKnowledge software includes the following automated ICG Analysis routines, along with dozens of other automated analysis routines and transformation tools:

  • Body Surface Area
  • dZ/dt Derive from Raw Z
  • dZ/dt Classifier
  • Full ICG Analysis
  • Ideal Body Weight
  • Pre-ejection Period (PEP)
  • dZ/dt Remove Motion Artifacts
  • VEPT
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