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Part #: TSD108
The TSD108 acoustical transducer element is a piezo-electric ceramic disk, which is bonded to the interior of a metallic circular housing. The TSD108 interfaces with the DA100C general-purpose transducer amplifier to measure a wide array of physiological sounds.
  • Most commonly, the TSD108 is used to measure heart sounds or Korotkoff sounds. When the TSD108 signal is recorded along with the TSD120 blood pressure cuff signal, the Korotkoff sounds vividly mark the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  • The TSD108 can also record the sounds associated with rubbing or grinding (e.g., Bruxism).
  • To listen to the physiological sounds with headphones as they are recorded, pipe the TSD108 signal through the STM100C stimulator module.
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Part #: TSD108
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When connecting the TSD108 to the DA100C:

Black = Ground (GND)
Blue = Positive and Negative, interchangeable (Vin+ and Vin-)
  • When using this transducer with the EBI100C module, do not connect the GROUND pin of the TSD108 to the DA100C module. Doing so will cause inaccurate impedance measures, because the TSD108 contact surface is tied to isolated ground. An alternative is to insulate the TSD108 from the skin surface by using a latex balloon or some other non-conductive barrier. If this latter procedure is followed, the GROUND pin may be attached to the DA100C module.

See also: Telemetry System equivalent—SS17 and BIOPAC MRI Guidelines.




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