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Interface XLR Microphone

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Interface XLR Microphone to DA100C
Part #: TCI115

Use TCI115 to interface standard, dynamic XLR microphones to the BIOPAC DA100C for use with a Research System. The TCI115 will operate with a balanced (differential output) or unbalanced (single-ended output) XLR microphone, and accommodates a six meter XLR microphone cable. Input signal level maximum is 400 mv (p-p).  The DA100C connection permits a bandwidth from DC-5000 Hz (contact BIOPAC to discuss customization if required).


  • Do NOT connect condenser microphones to this interface—condenser-type microphones are not supported. To use a condenser mic with an MP160 System, customers should purchase a suitable analog mixer and then pipe the analog data into an unused channel on the AMI100D or UIM100C interface module.
  • The DA100C does NOT supply phantom power and phantom power should not be applied in parallel through the interface because the DA100C could be damaged by such a setup.


XLR Mic Interface to DA100C
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Part #: TCI115
Categories: Transducers - Research
Subcategories: Transducer Connector Interface - Research

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