Pressure Pad for TSD110 and SS67L
Part #: RX110-MRI

Pressure Pad for TSD110-MRI

The RX110-MRI is a self-inflating pressure pad connected to tubing terminating in a Luer male connector. Use with a pressure transducer to:

  1. Measure pulse when placed on a major pulse point.
  2. Noninvasively measure respiration—from a small mouse to a human.
  3. Measure small pressing forces (like pinching fingers together) for Parkinson’s evaluations.
  4. Measure human facial expressions (smiling, frowning, etc.)
  5. Measure spacing and pressure between teeth coming together.
  6. Measure startle blink response.

The RX110-MRI sensor can be used many times, but may eventually need to be replaced because it is a sensitive sensor and may become damaged with rough use.

One RX110-MRI sensor is included with the TSD110-MRI Respiration Pad Transducer.

For surface cleaning, use alcohol wipes or place sterile sleeve over sensor before attaching to subject.


MRI Use: MR Safe (see Specifications for components)

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