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TEAM System Base (50 charger)

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TEAM Starter System

The TEAM System Base is an expandable starter kit designed for customers monitoring a large number of participants—up to 50 simultaneously—who want the convenience of a single, organized case for charging. System ships with one participant module; add additional BioModules and straps or compression shirts to increase the number of participants up to a total of 50. Repeater (range extender) for the ECHO system allows for far afield usage to cover the maximum amount of area on the market.

The TEAM1-B system includes

  • 1 x TEAM-BASE (includes TEAM ECHO GATE device, and TEAM OMNISENSE software, and TEAM 50 charger case with slots for up 50 participant modules, and TEAM ECHO REPEATER to extend range)
  • 1 x TEAM BIOMOD participant module
  • 1 x RXBHSTRAP-S-M (or M-XL by request)

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