TEAM System - multiple subjects

TEAM physiology data

Ideal for exercise physiology, sports conditioning, human factors, public health, and psychological studies

TEAM System telemetry physiology monitoring systems provide simultaneous real-time physiological monitoring for multiple subjects across a wide area. Each subject wears a TEAM BioModule device that telemeters heart rate, respiration rate, posture, activity, and acceleration back to a central TEAM recording station. A single TEAM recording station can receive data from multiple subjects.

biometrics for sports

Key sensors: heart rate, breathing rate (patented), activity, posture

• Live or logged data
• Bluetooth transmission of live data
• Memory for 24 days
• Works under extreme activity
• Fabric-based, dry contacts—no skin break down
• Comfortable over long periods, washable
• Unobtrusive, light and small
• No wires

Detect ventilatory (anaerobic) threshold
• Fitness and fatigue using well known methods
– Heart Rate reduction at end of activity
– Anaerobic threshold detection
• Biomechanical markers give context (at rest vs. active)
• Individually configurable thresholds and bio alarm algorithms for prioritization

TEAM status BioGauge
Real-time physiology monitoring
Displays vital signs, fatigue
levels and system status
– Green: all is well
– Orange: monitor closely
– Red: person needs attention
Heart Rate (HR) zones at a glance
• HR as % of max
• HR < 65% Green
• HR 65 – 85% Orange
• HR 85 – 100% RedBreathing Rate (BR) zones at a glance
• BR in relation to ventilatory threshold (Anaerobic threshold)
• BR < VT Green
• BR > VT < 15s Orange
• BR > VT > 15s Red
• VT is set as a default or specific to the individual

Bio Alarms for easy monitoring
• Heat stroke, hydration, over extertion
• Zone Training (HR and BR)
• deeper information on demand
• set thresholds for heart zones and anaerobic threshold
Monitor & Measure
All received data is recorded in the system database against the associated person
• Select sessions and create sub-session or areas of interest with the simple, intuitive interface
• Display time series data quickly and easily
• Monitor multiple people, multiple sessions and multiple variables
• Produce statistical data with a single click
• Summarize sessions and sub-sessions for comparison
– compare individuals or trend analysis for one person over multiple sessions
• Direct access to raw waveforms
• Exports to other analysis programs via CSV
•Simultaneously monitor multiple people in real time, anywhere in a stadium, field or other wide-area setting.

Note: BioHarness requires a computer with integrated Bluetooth or an external USB
Bluetooth dongle (not included with system purchase).