TEAM System Physiology
Part #: TEAMSystem-10, TEAMSystem-30, TEAMSystem-50

Complete TEAM System for 10, 30, or 50

Physiology Anywhere, for Groups or Individuals

RF telemetry physiology monitoring system

Simultaneously monitor multiple subjects in real time

TEAM System for wireless multi-subject, multi-measurement solutions

Heart Rate, R-R Interval, Breathing Rate, Respiration, 3-Axis Accelerometry, Posture, Activity Level & More!

Simultaneously capture comprehensive physiological and biomechanical data from 10, 30, even 50 or more active subjects in real-world situations.

Zephyr™ TEAM Systems provide advanced physiological monitoring that incorporates class three BTLE technology in a small form factor. Transmit via mobile and fixed data networks—with an unmatched range of up to 1,000 ft!—for genuine remote monitoring of human performance and condition in the real world. OmniSense software provides in-depth analysis of the data gathered by the BioModule.

TEAMSystem-X includes

  • 1 x TEAM-BASE
    • includes TEAM ECHO GATE device, TEAM OMNISENSE software, and charger: -10 includes 5-bay charging cradle, -30 and -50 include TEAM 50 charger case with slots for up 50 participant modules)
  •  Plus a specified number of participant modules, straps and shirts:
    • TEAMSystem-10: 10 x TEAM BIOMOD modules, 12 x RXBHSTRAP Straps (10 Lg/2 Sm), 3 x TEAM SHIRT (Med, Lg, Xlg)
    • TEAMSystem-30: 30 x TEAM BIOMOD modules, 35 x RXBHSTRAP Straps (30 Lg/5 Sm), 3 x TEAM SHIRT (Med, Lg, Xlg)
    • TEAMSystem-50: 50 x TEAM BIOMOD modules, 60 x RXBHSTRAP Straps (54 Lg/6 Sm), 3  xTEAM SHIRT (Med, Lg, Xlg)
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