Complete TEAM System for 10, 30, or 50

Physiology Anywhere, for Groups or Individuals

RF telemetry physiology monitoring system

Simultaneously monitor multiple subjects in real time

TEAM System Physiology
Part #: TEAMSystem-10, TEAMSystem-30, TEAMSystem-50

TEAM System for wireless multi-subject, multi-measurement solutions

Heart Rate, R-R Interval, Breathing Rate, Respiration, 3-Axis Accelerometry, Posture, Activity Level & More!

Simultaneously capture comprehensive physiological and biomechanical data from 10, 30, even 50 or more active subjects in real-world situations.

Zephyr™ TEAM Systems provide advanced physiological monitoring that incorporates class three BlueTooth Low Energy (BTLE) technology in a small form factor. Transmit via mobile and fixed data networks—with an unmatched range of up to 1,000 ft!—for genuine remote monitoring of human performance and condition in the real world. OmniSense software provides in-depth analysis of the data gathered by the BioModule.

TEAMSystem-X includes

  • 1 x TEAM-BASE
    • includes TEAM ECHO GATE device, TEAM OMNISENSE software, and charger: -10 includes 5-bay charging cradle, -30 and -50 include TEAM 50 charger case with slots for up 50 participant modules)
  •  Plus a specified number of participant modules, straps and shirts:
    • TEAMSystem-10: 10 x TEAM BIOMOD modules, 12 x RXBHSTRAP Straps (10 Lg/2 Sm), 3 x TEAM SHIRT (Med, Lg, Xlg)
    • TEAMSystem-30: 30 x TEAM BIOMOD modules, 35 x RXBHSTRAP Straps (30 Lg/5 Sm), 3 x TEAM SHIRT (Med, Lg, Xlg)
    • TEAMSystem-50: 50 x TEAM BIOMOD modules, 60 x RXBHSTRAP Straps (54 Lg/6 Sm), 3  xTEAM SHIRT (Med, Lg, Xlg)
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OmniSense software now offers new advanced capabilities including: Readiness Metric and protocol which calculates a Readiness Score of 0-10 so you can identify times of peak performance looking at each individual athlete’s mechanical load whether in training or in action. Google Maps for graphical representation on path lines, heat maps, distance markers and shuttle function of position for comparison of multiple players/members simultaneously. Embedded Accelerometry provides instant feedback on athletes’ performance and associated graphs and reports enable you to develop individual and team training strategies. ECHO Live Modes: two new Live ECHO modes which provide 1-second updates for twenty (20) subjects or 5-second updates for one hundred (100) subjects.

Data Logging must be enabled to download data. OmniSense Software required.

ECHO Gateway for data transmission range of up to 1,000 ft (contact BIOPAC for repeater options to extend range if necessary).

TEAM Compression Shirts make connecting your BioModule a snap! Simply pop the sensor directly into the chest receptacle. Shirt provides data parameters to measure Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery, Heart Rate Variability, Accelerometry, Intensity & Load, and more. Respiration is currently not supported by Team Compression Shirts; if you need support for Respiration measurements, use the side strap.

Compression Shirt features…

  • Smooth fabric provides complete comfort without restriction
  • Compression fit bolsters muscle support and increases circulation
  • Moves moisture away from the body for ultimate comfort
  • Built specifically to let the Zephyr BioModule sensor snap straight in
  • Machine Washable


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Knowledge Base

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1,000 ft range

Transmit via mobile and fixed data networks—with an unmatched 1,000 ft range! Repeater options available to extend range.

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Multi-subject, Multi-parameter Recording

Ideal for exercise physiology, sports conditioning, human factors, public health, and psych studies

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Comfortable for subjects

Fabric-based dry contacts, small and lightweight, no wires.

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