Micro Press. Measurement Sys - 1 CH
Part #: MPMS200A

Micro Pressure Measurement System

Life Science Data Acquisition at its Best

Record high-quality data

The MPMS200A is a single-channel, hand-held fiber optic micro pressure measurement system for physiological pressure monitoring: intra vascular blood pressure; Urodynamic; Intra cranial pressure; Intra uterine pressure; Intra ocular; Cardiac assist applications; etc.

  • Use with TSD280 Series sensors—tip diameter 0.30 mm (1 French); sensors available for recording in MRI
  • White Light Polarization Interferometry (WLPI) technology* provides the most accurate and reliable absolute Fabry-Perot cavity length measurements\
  • Output Interface: Display, USB, ethernet, ±5 V analog output (0-5 V in older units)High resolution and precision
  • Easily interfaces with BIOPAC or 3rd-party DAQs
    • Add CBLEPM, CBL100, and either CBL122 or, if isolation is required, INISOA
  • Automatic atmospheric pressure correction
  • Compact and rugged design
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