Micro Pressure Measurement System

Fiber Optic, Hand-held Micro Pressure Measurement System

The MPMS200 is a single-channel, hand-held fiber optic micro pressure measurement system for physiological pressure monitoring. Use for a variety of pressure studies, such as intra vascular blood pressure; Urodynamic; Intra cranial pressure; Intra uterine pressure; Intra ocular; Cardiac assist applications; etc.The amplifier unit provides an analog output signal in the ±5 V range and has a 250 Hz frequency range. The system includes a CBL101 cable to interface directly with the UIM100C for Research Systems and also includes a mains power transformer.

  • USe with TSD280 Series Sensors—tip diameter: 0.30 mm (1 French)
  • Compact and rugged design
  • High resolution and precision
  • Easily interfaces with BIOAPC or 3rd-party DAQs
  • Sensors available for MRI applications
  • Automatic atmospheric pressure correction

The system is used with TSD280 series fiber optic sensors that have an optional extension cable for MRI applications; the probes are suitable for work on small animals.

Used with BIOPAC electrodes, AcqKnowledge software, the MP150 data analysis and acquisition hardware platforms, transducers and other system components, the MPMS200 is an element of a complete data acquisition and analysis system.