Micro Pressure

TSD280 Series transducers are used with the Micro Pressure Measurement System – MPMS200. Standard and MRI micro pressure sensors are available (see BIOPAC MRI Guidelines), as well as an 8-meter extension.


sample TSD280 Series sensor diagram

  • Sensor tip diameter: 0.30 mm (1 French)
  • Sensor tip material: PIT 3 tube
  • Sensor tip material length: 50 mm or 150 mm
  • Cable length: 2.0 meter (8.0 meter extension available)
  • Cable sheath: PTFE
  • Connector: SC connector or for MRI versions, F2.5 ferrule connecter
  • Operating range : P1 (- 50 mmHg to + 300 mmHg (relative to atmospheric pressure)

Please contact BIOPAC if you don’t see a sensor listed to meet your need.

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Micro Pressure Sensors for MRI

Part #: TSD283, TSD281

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Micropressure Sensors

Part #: TSD280, TSD282

These are micro pressure sensors that connect directly to the MPMS200 unit.

MPMS MRI Sensor Extension 8 m

Part #: MPMS200 EXT

This extension cable can be used to connect the MPMS200 Micro Pressure Measurement unit in the MRI control room to a TSD281 or…