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One Software Application—Infinite Discovery

Imagine one software application so flexible that it could acquire and analyze data for a wide variety of life science experiments, so powerful that even the most detailed analysis could be completed automatically, and so easy-to-use that researchers at all experience levels would find it intuitive.

That’s AcqKnowledge.

The AcqKnowledge data acquisition and analysis software included with each MP System is an interactive, intuitive waveform analysis program that lets you instantly view, measure, analyze, and transform data. AcqKnowledge is the software component of a complete research system, included with BIOPAC MP160 and MP36R data acquisition and analysis platforms and providing advanced analysis for multiple applications and a broad range of signals and measurements.

AcqKnowledge software features include:

  • Acquisition Options — variable sample rates, pause mode, multiple data views, and stimulation design and control
  • Display Options — advanced grid system, journal facility for note taking, embedded pdf documents for instruction, textual event markers, and measurement tools
  • Analysis Options — online signal averaging, ensemble averaging, epoch analysis, AR time-frequency analysis, principal and independent component analysis, autoregressive and nonlinear modeling, automated analysis routines, filtering, FFT, PSD, Histogram, automatic data reduction, template analysis, peak detection features, find rate settings, and an equation generator
  • User-Interface Options — tool tip mouse-overs (for sample rate, channel rate, measurement results, etc.) and real-time, custom presets, change log, searchable MP System guides (PDF format), as well as extensive online support and training documents

With AcqKnowledge, you can perform complex data acquisition, triggering, and analyses using simple pull-down menus and dialogs—no need to learn a programming language or new protocol.

ACQ Graph

AcqKnowledge software includes fully automated analysis routines for most physiological signals! For ECG data, utilize the automated HRV analysis or locate and mark ECG complex boundaries for both human and animal signals. Take advantage of multiple routines available for EEG, EDA, EMG, and Respiration. Look at RSA or perform a detailed ICG analysis with a few clicks of the mouse. Use AcqKnowledge to save time and standardize analysis protocols.

Analysis Routines

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Stellar Telemetry with BIOPAC AcqKnowledge

AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry

Part #: ACK100W-STL

Easily Schedule, Record & Analyze Data Now with Continuous Recording Mode Stellar Telemetry Data with AcqKnowledge Intuitive Animal Scheduler: Easy-to-configure…

AcqKnowlege license for FaceReader expression analysis

AcqKnowledge Interface for FaceReader


This is a license add-on for AcqKnowledge to integrate FaceReader 9—the interface license does not include FaceReader software. Emotion reading software locks onto a subject’s face…

AcqKnowledge License Pack: Scripting, NDT, BHAPI, ACKAPI

Part #: ACK100W-ENT

This developer’s pack includes a BIOPAC Basic Scripting license and a Network Data Transfer (NDT) license, plus the BIOPAC hardware…

network software keys

AcqKnowledge Network License

Part #: ACK100-NET25

Easily increase concurrent users The Network License allows the primary investigator, research manager, and up to 25* concurrent networked users…

BIOPAC software license KEY11

AcqKnowledge Site Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-2, ACK100M-2, ACK100W-6, ACK100M-6, ACK100W-9, ACK100M-9, ACK100W-25, ACK100M-25, ACK100M-99, ACK100W-99

One standard license and KEY (USB dongle) to add specified number (-#) of users to installed AcqKnowledge software, to increase the…

USB-based thumb drive installer

AcqKnowledge Software

Part #: ACK100W, ACK100M

The Power of AcqKnowledge AcqKnowledge is used by thousands of labs around the world and has been cited in thousands…

AcqKnowledge ECG, Respiration, EDA (GSR), heart rate data

AcqKnowledge Software Upgrade to current release

Part #: UPGACQ (01-02), UPGACQ (02-03)

New Features and Enhancements Increase the Power & Flexibility of AcqKnowledge! This upgrade to the current release of AcqKnowledge adds the…

Actigraphy Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-ACT, ACK100M-ACT

Automated Actigraphy Analysis Package with Routines for Sleep & General Gross Motor Activity! Record long-term accelerometer data and analyze sleep…

API BIOPAC File Formats

Part #: ACKAPI, UPG8

BIOPAC File Format Application Programming Interface (ACKAPI) functions give software developers the ability to retrieve data from files in BIOPAC’s…


Part #: BHAPI-01, UPG7, BHAPI-02

The BIOPAC Hardware API gives software developers control over BIOPAC acquisition units. Software developers can use the BIOPAC Hardware API functions…

Arterial Blood Pressure Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKABP

Arterial Blood Pressure Analysis Module Take charge of your Arterial Blood Pressure data with fully automated routines! Use the power…

Baroreflex Sensitivity Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-BRS, ACK100M-BRS

Monitor changes in baroreflex sensitivity with AcqKnowledge‘s new Baroreflex Sensitivity Analysis licensed feature! The Baroreflex Sensitivity (BRS) analysis license for AcqKnowledge provides…

BIOPAC Basic license

Basic Scripting Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-BAS, ACK100M-BAS

Take AcqKnowledge to the next level by adding BIOPAC Basic Scripting It will significantly reduce analysis time and improve consistency…

BHAPI Site Licenses

Part #: BHAPI-9, BHAPI-24, BHAPI-99, BHAPI-249

This Site License extends the original Biopac Hardware API License (purchased as BHAPI) to the maximum of the option specified…

ECG Electrocardiogram Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKECG

Electrocardiography Analysis Module For a Complete ECG Recording and Analysis Solution, Use the Power of MP Systems and AcqKnowledge Software! Record…

EDA Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKEDA

Electrodermal Activity Analysis Module Use the Power of MP Research Systems with AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete EDA/GSR Recording and Analysis…

EEG Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKEEG

Electroencephalography Analysis Module Use the Power of MP Research Systems and AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete EEG Recording and Analysis…

EGG Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKEGG

Electrogastrogram Analysis Module Use the Power of MP Research Systems and AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete EGG Recording and Analysis…

EMG Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKEMG

Electromyogram Analysis Module Use the Power of MP Research Systems and AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete EMG Analysis and Recording Solution!…

Licensed Feature enables import of eye tracking data

Eye Tracking Glasses Import License

Part #: ACK100W-ETG

The ACK100-ETG AcqKnowledge licensed functionality key enables users to import eye tracking glasses data and video to synchronize in AcqKnowledge software…

Eye Tracking Integration License

Part #: ACK100W-EYE

The Eye Tracking Integration License fully integrates remote screen-based eye tracking bars with AcqKnowledge to manage set up, calibration, plotting,…

GSR Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKGSR

Galvanic Skin Response Analysis Module Use the Power of MP Research Systems with AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete GSR Recording and Analysis Solution!…

ECG HRV data

Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software

Part #: ACKHRV

AcqKnowledge® software includes a fully-automated Heart Rate Variability analysis tool with flexible options for extracting a wide range of heart…

Impedance Cardiography Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKICG

lesImpedance Cardiography (ICG) Analysis Module Take Charge of Your ICG/Cardiac Output Data with Fully Automated Routines! Use the Power of the MP…

Left Ventricular Pressure Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKLVP

Left Ventricular Pressure Analysis Module Take charge of your LVP data with fully automated routines! Use the power of the MP Research Systems…

Microelectrode Neurophysiology Analysis Software Module


Microelectrode (Neurophysiology) Analysis Module Use the Power of MP Research Systems and AcqKnowledge Software for a Complete Microelectrode Recording and Analysis Solution!…

Monophasic Action Potential Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKMAP

Monophasic Action Potential Analysis Module Take Charge of Your MAP data with Fully Automated Routines! Use the Power of MP…

Tap into the live data stream in AcqKnowledge

Network Data Transfer Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-NDT, ACK100M-NDT

Run your own analysis routines in parallel with AcqKnowledge Network Data Transfer (NDT) is a real-time data transfer system that…

P/V Loop Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-PVL, ACK100M-PVL

Record and Analyze Pressure-Volume Loop Data! The Pressure-Volume Loop Analysis License includes: QuickStart template for recording Baseline Analysis routine Full…

BIOPAC Support

Platinum Level Support Package


Platinum Support Package BIOPAC’s trained technical support staff provide world-class technical support, using the latest technology, to maximize the power…

Remote Monitor License for AcqKnowledge

Part #: ACK100-REM

A convenient way to view data on other computers in other locations! Remote Monitoring provides a simple browser interface from which…

Respiration Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKRSP

Respiration Analysis Module Take Charge of Your Respiration Data with Fully Automated Routines! Use the Power of MP Research Systems and…

Respiratory Sinus Arrythmia Analysis Software Module

Part #: ACKRSA

Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA) Analysis Module Take charge of your RSA data with fully automated routines! Use the power of MP Research…

SleepSign for Animal – Win

Part #: SSA100W

With SleepSign for Animals sleep analysis software (software for Windows), you can observe the quantity, quality, and condition of sleep…

SleepSign Site Licenses


License packs and additional licenses for SSA100W Sleep Analysis Software for Animals (Kissei SleepSign)

animal telemetry BIOPAC

Stellar Implant Licenses

Part #: ACK100-STL1-9, ACK100-STL10-49, ACK100-STL50+

This implant software add-on is for existing users of AcqKnowledge for Stellar Telemetry. Each small animal telemetry license adds AcqKnowledge software support for one (1)…

Stimulation-Response Analysis Software Module


Stimulation-Response Analysis Module Take Charge of Your Experimental Protocol with Fully Automated Routines! Use the Power of MP Research Systems and…

BIOPAC Support

Support Licenses

Part #: SUP-5, SUP-10, SUP-20

Support Licenses apply when help is needed for Developer products—ACKAPI software API, BHAPI hardware API, BIOPAC Basic Scripting license, or…

AcqKnowledge Workflow Action examples

Workflow Automation Licenses

Part #: ACK100W-AWF, ACK100M-AWF

Workflow—A Great Tool for Every Researcher! Automate AcqKnowledge with New Workflow Tool New automation tool significantly saves time and improves consistency…