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The Biopac Student Lab system is a flexible, integrated life science teaching solution that includes hardware, software, and curriculum materials that students use in undergraduate laboratories to record data from their own bodies, animals, or tissue preparations. The system includes over sixty experiments that instructors use as part of undergraduate lab courses.

“…these systems have successfully transformed the physiology laboratory”
—Advances in Physiology Education article

Biopac Student Lab BSL 4 greatly improves the lab experience with a dynamic user interface and enhanced capabilities.

BSL live student dataStudents can now take advantage of multi-media lessons with:

  • Full color onscreen guides
  • Embedded procedure videos
  • Data samples to ensure good data collection

Once data collection is finished, students can complete integrated data reports in the software journal and save or email them to instructors. The software rich-text journal includes formatting, editing, and table tools with mathematical operations, formulas and functions.

BSL 4 also includes new advanced analysis options including:
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Histogram
  • Cycle detector (Find Peak) updates
  • Enhanced event marker and preset options

BSL 4 works with MP36/MP35 four-channel systems, MP46/MP45 two-channel systems, and MP41 “BSL Home” one-channel systems. BSL 4 is available in English, Chinese, French, Japanese, and Spanish.

The Gold Standard for Life Science Instruction

BSL 4 Laboratory Manual

One of the more complicated concepts for students to grasp is the fact that electricity is flowing throughout a living body at all times and that it is possible to use the signals to measure the performance and health of individual parts of the body. The Biopac Student Lab system helps to explain the concept and allows students to understand physiology.

The BSL System includes data acquisition hardware with built-in universal amplifiers to record and condition electrical signals from the heart, muscle, nerve, brain, eye, respiratory system, and tissue preparations. The data acquisition system receives the signals from electrodes and transducers. Biopac Student Lab software then displays the numbers as waveforms on the monitor. The data acquisition system connects to a PC running Windows® or macOS®  operating systems, via USB.

Biopac Student Lab software guides students through the lessons by using full color onscreen instructions, a detailed lab manual, and embedded procedure videos and data samples. The completed data reports can be saved or emailed to instructors for review. The electrodes and transducers employ sensors that allow the software to communicate with them to ensure that the students are using the correct devices and collecting good data. Once students have collected the data, they use tools to measure the amplitude and frequency, plus a wide range of other values from the electrical signals. Students can compare their results to published normal values, or the values before and after a subject performed a specified task. They can even compare their results with other students in the lab. Results and measurements can be compiled into the data reports contained in the rich-text journals.

Thousands of undergraduate labs worldwide use the Biopac Student Lab to teach physiology, pharmacology, biology, neuroscience, psychology, exercise physiology, and biomedical engineering. Click here for the BSL User List.

Free Student Download – Students can use this free BSL software to prepare for class by reading lesson or watching videos, and can also analyze, share, and submit data.

Publishers have adopted the curriculum materials and included them in commercially available published Lab Manuals.

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