Upgrade to MP46
Part #: MP46U-W, MP46U-M

MP46 Upgrade

Upgrade your BSL MP45 System to the new MP46 2-channel unit with current BSL 4 software and corresponding BSL Lab Manual.

For each upgrade ordered, the purchaser must receive an ‘Upgrade RMA’ to trade-in their existing MP45 unit(s) and then return the MP45 unit before the new MP46, software and manual will be shipped. When the Upgrade RMA is created, the user can specify a language preference for the BSL Laboratory Manual: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese. When the BSL software is installed, the user can select the desired language.

The MP46 Upgrade does not include any transducers. Users are advised to keep their previous transducers and purchase new ones as needed.

Contact BIOPAC to confirm eligibility. MP46U can not ship until user has returned existing equipment.

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